Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter go away!

I think winter has returned here to PA. It has been so cold today.
I have not seen the Robins since Sunday. I so hope that this cold weather will soon be behind us....I have cabin fever so bad. I want to take some pictures around our yard but everything is so brown and drab. I did notice today more little green shoots pushing up out of the ground....keeps my hopes alive that we will be enjoying some porch sitting time soon!

Today I had a visitor, Tarrah, the lovely wife of our pottery, Bob.
She stopped by the shop and brought a piece of pottery which I am not putting in the shop. I am KEEPING IT! Bob you are going to just have to make more for our customers because this one is mine! I love his pottery and I love when Tarrah visits The Brickhouse. She is such a sweet girl and so supportive of Bob. They make a great team.

Tomorrow's Friday, the shop will be open and we are hoping for nice weather to bring our customers out to visit us. Who knows maybe I will see the robins again this weekend.
I hope to get some pictures posted on here this weekend. We are expecting some goodies to arrive and I will get the camera out and share them with all of you. So stop by The Porch this weekend and visit with us. Happy Weekend everyone!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

We've had cold weather here too, even some snow again yesterday. I don't think I've ever looked so forward to seeing spring. Hope you get lots of customers this weekend! Wish you could come to our p.j. party tomorrow! Dawn

Indian Trail said...

Hi Patti! Thanks so much for your kind are so nice! You brightened my day! I am glad that you kept that piece of pottery, the picture of it looks great!
I love my treasures that I picked up at your shop yesterday. They look great, you'll have to stop by sometime soon and see them on display!

TeresaM said...

That is really pretty!!!


Hi Patti....I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG....and your home is - oh my - just WONDERFUL!!! I enjoyed the pictures of your store and can't wait till I get a chance to visit - I can't believe about a month ago I was in your neighborhood...we went to Dairyland Antique Center and I KNOW I passed a sign that said Millersburg....what a bummer. Not sure I will go back to Dairyland BUT a visit to THE BRICKHOUSE is in the future !! Happy Spring, Judy