Friday, March 6, 2009

And the last shall be first

Or should we say the latest shall be first. This is our first post of our "Meet the Crafters". We are glad you stopped by our porch and we hope you enjoy meeting our talented crafters. Keep checking back as we will introduce you to all our crafting friends here at The Brickhouse.
Today we are featuring our newest (latest!) crafter, Janet. A few weeks ago I was in The Brickhouse and a gentleman walked in and proudly told me that his wife makes baskets and would I be interested in seeing them. I said I would, so he went back out to his truck and brought in a amazing basket! I was ohhing and ahhing, I think I may have embarrassed myself with my reaction to the basket. I asked him if I could have that one basket to sell in our shop. He left it with me and the very next weekend we sold it. Since then he has brought more baskets to The Brickhouse and we have been selling them! We have been getting such positive reactions from our customers over these baskets and we are so happy that they found their way to our shop. Greg is very proud of his wife and her talent. It makes me smile whenever he comes into the shop with more baskets, he just beams with pride. We asked Janet and Greg to write a little about themselves so we could feature them here on the sit back and get to know Janet, our newest crafter:

Hi, my name is Janet and I am from central PA. I am a homemaker and crafter. My joy is giving my homemade crafts away to friends and family, but dear husband Greg had another idea! On his way to work he came across The Brickhouse Craft Shop.. Here is the rest of the story told by my husband....

Over 34 years ago, I purchased a sewing machine for my wife as a Christmas gift. I never dreamed that this many years later, she’d still be using that same machine to make baskets from quilting fabrics and rope that people have come to love. Janet (I call her “my little basket case”) has sewn her way into this website with both creativity and flair. With an obvious talent for detail and a love for colonial folk-art, she’s now created her first edition of rope baskets. We call it the "Gregorian Collection,” and plans for her second generation: the "Victorian Collection" are already underway. Each basket is marked by her wonderful personality and styled to match a certain expression of the Colonial Era. Special attention is paid to detail and the highest quality of workmanship is evident. To each basket, she adds a special twist or touch that makes it unique and in a class of its own. With prayerful gratitude to each one purchasing one of these unique creations, we wish you God’s best and our many thanks.

Thank you Greg and Janet for letting us meet you. I have pictures of Janet's baskets, but let me tell you these pictures do not do them justice. They are so beautiful and you have to see them in person to actually enjoy them...that or maybe I should have a professional photographer take the pictures! If you are in our area you MUST stop by The Brickhouse and see these beautiful baskets. If you can't make it to our shop and would like more info on the baskets please email us. ~~Tim and Patti~~


Sheena Richmond said...

I was just down visiting my parents in PA when I came across one of Janet's baskets on their table. Janet is my Mom's cousin. Her baskets truly are beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing the pictures of some of her other baskets! Way to go Janet : )

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a wonderful touch, to introduce your artists! Good for you! I love reading your blog when I get home from the shop each evening. Dawn

TeresaM said...

WOW!!! You were right Patti....they are really nice baskets! What a nice write up too!