Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SO Busy and We Miss you

WOW..I can't believe our last blog post was in April! Tim and I really miss blogging and we WILL be back more often to keep you up to date on the "going ons" here at the Brickhouse.
We have been busy..busy working with Armstrong Valley Winery. We are helping with the Craft Show part of their Festival's, helping to gather together vendors/crafters/artist for the Festivals. Busy making birdhouses, signs, and other wood crafts. Busy making our Brickhouse tarts and busy making our dipped lights. Busy with yard work and house work...well maybe not so much housework....I think I need to find some time to work housework into our busy life....or maybe I should just hire a cleaning lady! Life is so busy for us here at the Brickhouse but we STILL find time to do some porch sittin'..never too busy for Porch Sitting Time. We hope you find time to do some porch sitting, too.