Saturday, June 30, 2012


We are coming down to the wire..only 11 hours left to get the a total of 250 votes. Chase and LivingSocial are sponsoring "Mission: Small Business℠" a grant program awarding up to $3 million to small business owners nationwide.The Program, which will provide up to 12 individual grants of $250,000 was developed to provide small businesses with resources needed to make a positive impact on their business."   Here's where we need your help..we only need 110 more votes by midnight tonight. If we could have your vote we would so appreciate it. All you have to do is click on this link:  page down to where it says: Log on with Facebook to support your community. Then search for BRICKHOUSE CRAFT SHOP (Millersburg Pa) then cast your vote.
A big thank you to eveyone that has voted for our little shop.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Dear Mother Nature, If you are going to send a storm our way could you send it during the day, NOT in the wee early morning hours. I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep, just ask Tim!  And also could you please take away the heat and humidity. This makes me cranky, too! AND most important could you send cooler temps, lower humidity and RAIN to the areas of the country that are dealing with the horrible wild fires.
We thank you for the mild Winter we had, but now we sure could use a mild Summer, too...preferably temps in the low 80's with NO humidity. And one rainy day a week.
 Thank you,

 Dear Customers at the Brickhouse,
  The shop will be open today 10~5. The A/C will be running all day in the Shop to keep you cool while you shop. We want to thank all of you for your support of our little Shop. And we want to thank all of you that voted for us at  We need your help to get us up to 250 votes. Today is the last day for us to get the votes for us to even qualify for the Grant that they will award to 12 small businesses. SO if you voted we thank you so much, if you haven't is so easy. Click on the link and page down to where it says, LOG INTO FACEBOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY, then page down and search for BRICKHOUSE CRAFT SHOP and cast your vote. AND please tell all your family and friends that we are looking for their vote, too.
Thank you all so very much,
Patti & Tim

 Dear Facebook, I am thinking of breaking up with you if you do not go back to the old way. I hate you and your new changes..this is not working for me.
Cranky Patti

Dear Blogger, Thank you for not changing and thank you for allowing me to come back to our blog. I promise to never leave you, again.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We need your vote

We just found out about a Grant that will be given out to 12 small businesses. June 30th is the last day for the voting....wish we would have found out about this before this week but it is worth a try to see if we can get the votes. We need 250 votes and we need to answer some essay type questions. If you would like to vote for the Brickhouse Craft Shop, click on this link to vote. Thanks
 Tim is doing a great job answering the questions. It makes me smile to read what he wrote when they asked him these questions:~~ tell us about your business; how successful is it and why is it unique?~~how is your business involved with the community you serve?~~what would a $250k grant mean to your business plan~~ there are a few more questions that Tim answered.
 I am so very proud of Tim and I am proud to be his business partner and even prouder to be his wife. Whether we win the grant or we don't I know that our little Shop will continue to thrive because of all our amazing customers and our talented crafters and because I have the best business partner a girl could ever want!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Blogging

Hi Everyone! We are sorry we have not been updating our blog, BUT that is going to change starting TODAY! We were updating daily on our Facebook page and have neglected our blog, so starting today we will be updating more often on here. We can't promise that it will be daily but you can be sure it will be weekly. Facebook was great for our business but with the changes at FB our followers are not getting our posts on their newsfeed...very frustrating to say the least. So it is back to blogging and we are happy to be back.

Tim and I have been busy preparing for the upcoming Summer Festival at Armstrong Valley Winery. We are in charge of the craft show part of the Festival and have been busy gathering vendors for the Show. The Craft Show at this year's Summer Festival is going to be the biggest so far! We have 30 vendors for this Show. SO if you are in the area on July 14 & 15, we would love to have you stop by and visit us and all the other vendors at the Festival.
 And we are busy creating new things for the Festival. It is a nice cool day here in Central PA and it is the perfect day to paint and that is how I am spending my day. I hope you are spending your day doing what you love.