Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Porch Sitting Weather

Hope everyone is having a nice week. We had a nice weekend here at The Brickhouse. We had some new customers stop by and they must like us because they said they would be back. A shipment of goodies from April arrived on Friday. By Sunday we were sold out of some of the goodies. We had to place another order...ANXIOUSLY awaiting more of the wonderful creations from April. Today we received some more awesome crafts from our wonderful friend, Teresa
http://teresasprimtreasures.blogspot.com/. We love Teresa and her awesome creations and so do our customers! I talked to Teresa today and her son is home on Spring break and he has been busy in the wood shop. A few days ago I posted about his wonderful wooden bowls that he makes. Check out Teresa's site to see his awesome bowls. He is a very talented young man.
I finally saw a ROBIN! Sunday morning I was on the porch and low and behold a robin decided to visit me....Oh I was so happy to see him! Spring is right around the corner! Today I noticed some more of our Spring bulbs and perennials poking up to catch some rays of Spring sunshine. I am so ready for the warmer weather to finally get here....we want our Porch Sitting weather. Tim and I did spend a few minutes on the porch on Saturday....so nice! I think the locals here in Millersburg are so used to seeing us sitting on our porch. It is kinda like the Robins being the first sign that Spring has arrived. Here in Millersburg seeing Tim and Patti sitting on their porch is a sign that Spring has come to our little town!
Thanks for stopping by our porch...please come again and we can chat!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

I'm jealous, at least you are seeing some signs of spring! Thanks for the nice comments on my pictures. I just thought it might be fun to share some little mini house tours. I LOVE to look at houses and the way people decorate. Have a great day tomorrow, Dawn

Raggedy Angel said...

Well Hey there Lady!!!! I saw brickhouse in my followings and thought is that MY brickhouse Patti...and it is!
Great to see ya'll bloggin'...it will be great for your store and you meet the greatest people!
Glad to hear the store is doing so well!

TeresaM said...

Can't wait until those warm days are here to stay!!!

The Whites said...

I saw you in my followers and thought I would say hi! I LOVE your shop and I've been checking out your crafters - they are amazing!

Have a great (almost) spring day!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

I'll throw some more crab legs in, come on over! We have a porch we can set on too - although it might be a little chilly!! (Or we could get blown off today.) I'll let you know how the p.j. party goes, its kind of a first attempt. Hope we get to meet too, still thinking about a gathering this fall. Dawn