Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sure Sign Of Spring

NO Not the Robin. It is a special bird and very beautiful :) ...Tim heard the songbird this has a strange call...sounds something like this....cutwood, cutwood, cutwood. This is not one of Tim's favorite birds! I told him that he probably won't hear the bird if he goes into his work shop today and turns on the saw! cutwood, cutwood, cutwood...I love this bird!
As for the Robin, I have not seen it yet...but I am determined to see one today. It is suppose to be in the high 60's here in Central PA. My sister Kasey and my friend Teresa, both who live here in PA, have told me they have seen flocks of Robins. I love seeing the first Robin of the Spring season.
We are hoping for a good day here at The Brickhouse. Hoping the warmer weather brings out our customers/friends. Yesterday we received goodies from our crafter, April. Love her goodies and so do our customers..I had her goodies in the shop for an hour and EVERY customer that came in bought her goodies! I swear we have customers hiding behind the trees waiting for the Fed Ex truck to come so they can come and shop!! Gotta love 'em and WE DO!
Hey do ya hear that....? cutwood cutwood....Tim do ya hear that bird singing?
And another sure sign of Spring here at The Brickhouse...lots of birdhouses and lighted houses and Tim's custom built Churches sitting on the take a drive to the country and check them out! You may even hear the songbirds singing! Oh the beautiful sounds of Spring!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

SO glad you didn't tell me about your warm weather!!! Ha-ha Hope you have a lot of sales today too, but I'll bet the warm weather will bring people out. I'm running a little bit late, so I better get downtown and get the shop open. Have a great weekend! Dawn

The Olde Primitive House Lighting the World One Light At A Time..... said...

Hey Patti!!

I hope that you do well too and sell alot!! The weather here isn't too bad!! Take Care and Keep in touch!!

Many Blessings......

TeresaM said...

Send that bird my way!!!! We didn't get any woodworking done this weekend!