Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just arrived!

We just got in some new Handmades from our friend, HEATHER
I had to place another order with Heather today, because we already have sold a few of her wonderful goodies! Tim and I look forward to seeing what she is working on next for our customers. Thanks Heather for sharing your talent with us here at The Brickhouse Craft Shop.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall has arrived at the Brickhouse

Today we finally got around to putting out some of our Fall goodies. Some of these things are already flying out the door today! You all need to stop by The Brickhouse Craft Shop and get a piece of Fall. The wonderful goodies are all HANDMADE IN THE USA!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming Soon!

We are working on new crafts and also new ideas for The Brickhouse Craft Shop. Tim and I are so excited for the ideas that we are working on! And we are excited because we have some new friends joining our family of crafters here at the Shop. I was told that some of the new goodies are on their way to our Shop and I can't wait to see everything! I worked on finishing up some special orders yesterday and today I hope to start working on new things for the Shop. Tim and I feel like Santa's elves..busy busy busy! This is the time of year when my housework suffers and my cooking suffers. Well, really what I should say is...... Tim suffers! I have paint and craft supplies spread throughout rooms in the house. Thank God that Tim is a very understanding husband! Here are a few signs I finished yesterday. I wish the camera would show the true colors but you can stop by The Brickhouse and see them for yourself!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you are in the area please stop by and visit with us.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have been painting signs and birdhouses for a long time and I was feeling the urge to do something a little different. So this week, I decided to put away my wood crafts for the week and do these pumpkins.
We are getting so excited about the rest of the year here at The Brickhouse. Fall and Winter time at the shop is one of our favorite times of the year for Tim and me. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and say hi.
I think today I will pick up my paint brushes and get to work on signs and birdhouses. But I will be back to trying my hand at other creations for the Shop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


A little more info on my earlier post regarding my friend Teresa and the Lititz Craft Show. She will be at:
SPACE #E4 and E5 which is on Main Street close to where Broad St. connects. Right in front of the Susquehanna Bank.
Make sure you stop by to see her but you might have to fight the large crowd that will be forming at her booth..LOL. So get there early to see her will love what she makes!

Craft Show in Lititz, PA

This Saturday, August 14th the great town of LITITZ, PA is having their annual Craft Show. From what I hear this is one of the best craft shows in the area. I won't be able to go because I will be working in The Brickhouse Craft Shop. TERESA will be at the Show selling her wonderful handmades, so you need to stop by her booth and say hi and see all her awesome crafts. Tell her Patti sent you! Teresa has been a big part of The Brickhouse Craft Shop since we first opened our Shop back in '07. She is so talented but even more she is one of the nicest person you'll ever meet! So stop by Teresa's booth and see for yourself. I am sorry that I don't know exactly where she will be set up but I believe she said she will be set up near a Bank Building. I will try to update this posting if I can get more info on where Teresa will be set up. It is suppose to be a nice day on Saturday here is PA...SO it will be the PERFECT day to visit Lititz. Make sure to wear good walking shoes and take a truck or u-haul with you to take home all your goodies! And If you are in the Millersburg area and not able to make it to Lititz you can stop by the Brickhouse Craft Shop and see Teresa's handmades along with the handmades of our other wonderful Crafters.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of the Road

I need to finish our story of the road trip we took to pick up our candle order at PA Soy in Lebanon. After we had our lunch we did a little tour of Scheafferstown. We found this Church and we loved the history of the Church. It was a beautiful Church. I love the stone work and the windows.
Across the street from the Franklin House Tavern was an antique store. Unfortunately, it was closed, I did peak in the windows and I so want to come back when they are open.

This was a sign on the building.

While on our walking tour we saw this unique house..yes it is a house not a barn!

It was so neat...I just wish I would have been able to get pictures of the front of the house. It was hard to get good pictures since the front of the house was really in the back of the house! And they had neighbors and we really didn't want to go on private property to get pictures. These are pictures from the main street..this house was so unique..Oh to be able to see the inside!

This is the one side of the barn house.

Another unique old house.

After we left Schaefferstown, we stopped at a GOOD'S store. It was a Mennonite store and while there we saw a lot of Amish families shopping.

Check out the fabric. This store was an experience..they had everything you could imagine. I hope to come back again to do some more shopping.

Thank you for taking the road trip with us. We are now busy working on new things for our Shop and I know our crafters are busy too. So make sure you stop by the Brickhouse Craft Shop and see what is new. We love meeting and talking with everyone who comes through our doors. Please come back again and do some porch sitting with us.

Monday, August 2, 2010

More of our Road Trip

After we left Richard and Carolyn's, we arrived in Schaefferstown and stopped by Franklin House for lunch.

This is the outside of the tavern, it is one big building!

The balcony was open and since it was such a nice day we decided to have our lunch outside on the balcony.

We started our meal with hummus. It was so good and looked so nice in the wine glass. We get this appetizer everytime we visit here.
And a nice bottle of white wine!

Tim had a bruschetta steak salad and I had a crab cake salad.

As you can see, Tim didn't like his salad!
I don't think he could have got that plate any cleaner!
Since Tim cleaned his plate he was allowed dessert! He had a apple crumble warm from the oven with a dollop of vanilla ice cream!

And I had carrot cake which was really good.

While we were eating on the balcony we saw an Amish buggy pull into an area near the parking lot.
No sooner had the buggy arrived so did an Amish man on a scooter.

A young boy and girl jumped out of the buggy and ran to greet the man. We figured the man was their Father and they were meeting him during his lunch break from his job. It was so nice how the kids ran to meet him!

After our lunch we took a little stroll through town. Here is a picture of an old fire escape on the side of the museum building.

Notice the weights. If someone was using the fire escape when they would step on part of the fire escape the weights would drop and slowly lower the walkway down to the ground. After being fascinated by that :) we cross the street to the Gemberling-Rex House (c.1758). The color of this house is unusual and all the times that Tim and I were in Schaefferstown, we never walked across the street to check it out. But we decided to this time. It wasn't open but when they are open they offer tours. It once was a tavern. The next time we are in the area I hope they are open so we can check out the inside. We did look through the windows and it was so neat inside.
We walked around to the back of the tavern and were greeted by the tour guide of the grounds! He was so handsome and had the bluest eyes. I was feeling myself falling in love with him and was trying to think of some way to tell Tim that I wanted to bring him home with me.

The backyard was so neat and the out buildings were fascinating.

So after our tour of the backyard and the out buildings, I bid a farewell to the blue-eyed stranger.

There were two more buildings in town that we took pictures of but I will finish this story another time. So make sure you stop by and sit on our porch and hear the rest of the story of our day trip in Schaefferstown.