Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~~Saying Good-bye to the Flowers~~

I am working on transforming my old flowery craft room into my new studio :)  The wallpaper was on the walls when we bought the house and I am ready to say good bye to this wallpaper. Here are some pictures of the progress....more pictures to follow when it is all done.
The Before Picture

 The After..well not quite the AFTER..still have lots to clean off my work space :)

We used Gilded Linen for the walls and Hunter's White for the trim
(Valspar paint)
~Some new artwork for the walls~

~~Tried to get a picture of the trim and the walls~~

Saturday, January 14, 2012

~~New Year, New Journey~~

Shhh..don't tell my customers BUT I want to stay locked in my craft room today, well AFTER I go to the craft store to buy lots of new craft supplies.  Last evening, Tim brought home 2 great magazines for me ( I have him well trained!)  SOMERSET LIFE and WHERE WOMEN CREATE. Let me tell you I am SO INSPIRED! First I want/need to totally redo my craft room and turn it into a my "studio", studio sounds so much more professional... I keep thinking that one of these years I will grow up and be professional. :)  So maybe this will be my year to get more professional :)  And I got an idea from a friend, she just redid her studio and she used chalkboard paint on her one wall...I saw that and I am going to DO THAT! I just haven't told Tim yet! But what an awesome idea, I can write some of my orders on the wall and then I am not looking around for my misplaced order book. Plus it looked so cool....thanks to Justina for the inspiration!  And I also got  a lot of very cool ideas for my new "studio" in WHERE WOMEN CREATE!
Now for my new journey....I follow a lot of blogs and not all of them are PRIM blogs..shocking I know!   So while reading some of my favorite ones, I learned about an E-course  on creativity and finding your gift. I signed up and my friend, Teryn is joining me on this new adventure! I am so excited about this new journey and I didn't want to take the journey alone...SO  I am happy to have Teryn  take this e-course with me much better to do this with a friend! We start the journey together next week and we are both so excited!
Stay tuned...I hope to share more of this new journey with all of you and I may even share photos of my new STUDIO! ~

Saturday, January 7, 2012

~~Is it January or Springuary?~~

It is January, right? Well, it sure doesn't feel like feels like SPRINGUARY!

 Yesterday, I redecorated the porch of the Shop..Stop by and take a look and it you feel like doing some porchsittin' go right ahead...we won't mind..we may even join you!

I took a strand of lights and placed them inside the lantern

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~~Old Windows~~

SO now what? I have all these old windows and I need some ideas on what I can do with them. I do have some ideas in my head but I would love to hear what you would do with these. Now I don't want to hear any wise comments like Tim makes...his idea for what to do with them is to throw them away!  Not sure why he would say something like that...I wonder if it is because we have a basement filled with  more of these...this picture is of the ones that didn't make it to the basement, yet!
~~I have the windows~Now WHAT to do with them~~

Monday, January 2, 2012

Can I have a vacation do over...please? vacation is almost over and I want a do over. I want another week off...but I do have to admit though that I do miss working in the Brickhouse and seeing and talking with our customers. BUT a do over would be great...I want ONE MORE week to get more things done around the house.
There is one thing that I HAVE to get done this week and that is getting any leftover Christmas things out of the Shop and then trying to fill the Shop back up with other goodies. I hate this time of year...not much happening during the month of Jan...we are in the "in between stage" between Christmas and Valentine's Day and Easter. For me it is hard to find goodies to fill the Shop during this time of the year...I would love to fill the Shop right now with Easter goodies but I is TOO SOON...but I can't wait...I love Easter/Spring. Maybe I should spend these cold months of Winter making more of the cement eggs that I made last year for the Shop.

~~Our Brickhouse cement eggs~~

 And I am already thinking about making some new Spring/Easter colors for our Brickhouse lights....just writing this is putting me in a SPRING mood. Hopefully I can keep the winter blahs away...I am going to think SPRING and with Spring comes PORCH SITTING weather....ahhhh!  Hmmmm?...Maybe instead of a do over, a fast forward to Spring would be perfect right about now! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


                                                     ~~ Happy New Year!~~

   HOW WE SPENT OUR NEW YEAR'S EVE.....Tim and I had a nice quiet night at home. We had shrimp..lots of shrimp and I even shared some with Tim! I LOVE shrimp! Then I made scallops and risotto and we shared a small bottle of Asti and for dessert we had tiramisu..YUM! Now to tell you what a party couple we are NOT...We were in bed before 11...we never saw the ball, the goat, the pickle, the Lebanon Bologna or whatever else is dropped on New Year's Eve. We were both up before 6 this morning. Tim had to go into work today and I got up to get the pork and saurekraut into the crock pot. Yep we are a party couple!
A New year..can you believe it is 2012? 2012!  I love Jan 1st....I look forward to a clean slate..a new year..a new beginning! I remember last year talking about ALL I wanted to do for the new year...I wanted to grow and sell herbs, have a cutting garden and so much more. Well, a lot of what I wanted to do I never got around to doing. This year I still have have lots of things that I want to do, BUT I learned that I got to take baby steps...taking a step one at a time. The first baby step I plan on taking is getting more organized! GETTING ORGANIZED is my MAIN goal for 2012. Stay tuned to see how that works for me! :)
Tim and I want to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!