Friday, October 29, 2010

Last of my flowers from the garden.

Feeling kind of sad today and COLD. Sad because I have to put my gardens to rest for the winter months. But I will use the long cold winter months to plan some new flower beds and other gardening projects that I have running through my head. There is a freeze warning for our area tonight, so I gathered up some remaining blooms and herbs from my gardens and made up a little arrangement. I tell you my fingers are smelling so good from the Sage, Lemon Balm, Lavender and all the other flowers and herbs that I cut today for my arrangement. I feel like going outside and roll in the herbs like a cat does in a bed of catnip...ahhhh the fragrance is so nice..but it is a bit too cold to do that plus I may look like a crazy woman and scare away our customers! I hope you all have a wonderfully cozy weekend.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn at the Brickhouse

What a beautiful day we are having here at our home! I took a stroll around the yard today and wanted to share some of these pictures with all of you. I think you will agree that it is a great day to do some Porch Sittin'. Enjoy the pictures......

Friday, October 22, 2010


You have to see these Poinsettias! We just love them here at The Brickhouse and so do our customers. These were handmade by Peggy Corrigan.....thank you Peggy for making our Shop a little Merrier!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Starting to look like Christmas....

It is starting to look like Christmas here at The Brickhouse Craft Shop. We had customers asking us when we were putting out our Christmas/Winter things....well we have started to do just that! Here is a mini tour of our Shop of some of the Christmas/Winter crafts that we have on hand. We are anxiously awaiting more to arrive within the next couple of weeks..can't wait! Before we go on our tour I would like to ask all of you to send Get Well Wishes to our good friend and our wonderful crafter here at the Shop...Beryl...she has been very sick but she is on the mend...if you all could stop by her BLOG and leave her a message, her email is on her blog. I am sure she would love to hear from you. She is such a great friend and I am SO happy that she is ok..she had me so worried. Beryl, if you are reading this, don't do that to me again, I was so worried about you! on with the pictures....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Come see what is new!

It is cold rainy day here in Millersburg, PA. We lit the fire in the Shop, so if you are in the area today, stop by and have a seat by the fire and we can chat.

Here are a few new goodies that we have here at the Shop. We have a new crafter that is now making our silicone dipped lights.

I know there are a lot of people that dip these lights but Tonya has a very unique technique for her lights. It is hard to get good pictures of the lights so you have to stop by and see them for yourself. You will love them! And Tim and I love Tonya...she is the nicest person! We were honored to meet her last Sunday when she stopped by the Brickhouse to deliver our lights. Please stop by and see these lights!
And here is what I am now making for the Brickhouse..........

I love making these but I am finding it hard to not buy every fragrance oil that I see or maybe I should say SMELL! I will be spending today making and packaging more tarts.
Stop by and see what else we have that is new in the Shop. I am starting to put some of the Christmas/Winter handmades in the Shop. SO stay tuned, I will be back on the blog to show you the wonderful Handmades that we are getting in the Shop. Tim and I have the best crafters/friends that make the most amazing Handmades. We think if you stop by the Shop you will agree with us!