Saturday, February 27, 2010

Step into The Brickhouse

Step into our shop and look around...we are glad you stopped by. Make sure you look up to see the hanging herbs~ New Magazine...You have to check out this magazine...WONDERFUL~~
One of the many stitcheries made by Teresa~
Cute little doll made by Teresa~

The pottery cabinet holding the beautiful pottery made by Bob from Indian Trail pottery~
I love this bobbin light...made in Vermont by Vermont Bobbin...We have been selling so many of these bobbin lights..and we love that they are made in the USA~~.
Some of our many signs~

We love these new tarts~ Today we had a young boy come into the Shop with his mom and he picked up a bag of the Hearth Apple tarts...he asked (begged) his mom to buy him a bag...He LOVED the scent! It was so cute...these tarts do smell wonderful and our customers are so happy that we have them in our Shop..soon time to order more!
Music that is playing today in the Shop..The shoes we found behind the wall of the summer kitchen when we were taking down the old horse-hair plaster~

I love this cat made by Tony and April from Country Home Accents~

Our fireplace~

Heart made by Beryl~
The mantle~~
Bunnies made by Tony and cute~

The view when you first walk in~
I have more pictures to share with come back again to see more pictures.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Friday, February 26, 2010

If you are brave enough to come out.....

The Brickhouse Craft Shop will be open today despite the nasty weather we are experiencing here in Central PA. So if you are driving on Route 209 in Millersburg today and you don't see the open sign or the open flag, do not worry I will have the Shop open. If I put the signs and the flag up I have a feeling they may blow into the next County! It is so windy and snowy here today and if you are brave enough to venture out and you need your prim fix, The Brickhouse Craft Shop is open today. Stop by and we can talk about the warmer and sunnier days to come!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I interrupt my previous post for breaking weather news!

This has to be a more snow PLEASE! Remember the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"?...WELL this storm is coming The Day After Tomorrow..YIKES! I think I am going to hibernate now until Spring..wake me when this is over!

Happenings at The Brickhouse

A little update on Howie. He is doing ok. He had an appointment with Dr. Beth yesterday and she has him on Prednisone, Vitamin E, Cephalexin and Traumeel. Let me tell you Howie is not a happy camper and either are Tim and I. Howie hates taking the pills. I tried to hide it in his food but he is a smart dog and eats the food and spits out the pills. So Tim and I have been mean owners and make him take them. We tell him it is for his own good but he isn't buying that! Dr Beth said his immune system is "kattywampus" we are hoping to build up his immunity. He still has a fever..yesterday his fever was 103. He does seem to be acting like his old self, except when it comes to eating. When he first became very sick he wouldn't eat his dry dog food so I was cooking for him...and guess what? I now have a very spoiled dog...I know that his appetite is back but since he likes my cooking so much he refuses to eat his dry food. He is a spoiled dog! We started the Prednisone today and Dr Beth said that his appetite will REALLY come back while he is on that medication. He has lost some weight and she is happy with his current weight but with him being on the Prednisone we have to be careful with his eating. Tim and I are hoping that he will start eating his dry food again..this cooking for a dog is a little much. Tim is a little jealous of Howie since Howie has been eating better than Tim lately. But no more....Howie has to go back to eating his dog food and Tim is hoping he goes back to eating my cooked meals...Poor Tim!
Howie was shivering one day and I freaked out and called Dr Beth. She told me that since he has a fever he will get the chills. So she told me to just cover him up and make him as you can see Howie is one pampered dog! He likes having the blanket on him. Howie wants to thank everyone who have asked about him...he appreciates your concern.

In between taking care of Howie and other needs, I found some time to make some new signs.

And Tim and I are making birdhouses...lots of birdhouses! Last year we had trouble keeping them in stock..they sold as soon as we would make them. So we are starting early and building up our inventory. I went crazy and decided to do a bright pink birdhouse! At the Cash and Carry Show in January I bought a bright pink old watering can for my garden and I thought why not make a bright pink birdhouse! I love prims with all the darker colors but once in awhile it is so nice to see a bright color in the garden...So don't be surprised if you see more bright colors on the Porch of The Brickhouse this Spring and Summer!
I am so happy that February is almost over and I think our customers will be happy that March is a few days away...because..drum roll please.......The Brickhouse will be open Wed~Sun. I am anxious to have the winter behind us and have the Shop open and see all of our customers return. We have some great customers that are Snowbirds and are in Florida right now so I can't wait till they fly north for the Spring and Summer because then Tim and I can laugh with them when they come to The Brickhouse. We miss you, Maxine and Judy!
Our local Food Bank is in need of food....most importantly the following items:
peanut butter
tuna fish
spaghetti sauce
If you could help the Food Bank out we would appreciate it...stop by The Brickhouse and drop off an item or two and Tim and I will take it to the Food Bank. Thank you to all our customers who have helped the Food Bank this past winter. With the way the economy is and people still looking for jobs the shelves at the Food Bank are getting please help your neighbors in need. Thanks!
I want to thank everyone who stops by our blog and leaves comments. Tim and I love reading the comments and we may not always respond but please know how much we appreciate all of you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


A SIMPLE LIFE MAGAZINE has arrived at The Brickhouse Craft Shop! WHAT a beautiful have to stop by The Brickhouse and check out this new will LOVE IT! AND if you can't stop by the Shop check out the website:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wish Upon a Star

I wish it was Spring! We had more snow yesterday and last night and I am so ready for Spring.
My geranium that I overwintered has started to I do have a bit of Spring in the house!
Yesterday Tim and I had to run some errands and when we came home we pulled into our driveway and we noticed we had a little visitor..No it sure wasn't A SPRING Chicken but a rooster! Not sure where he came from but it was funny seeing him strutting around.
Tim and I have been busy making lots of new goodies for our customers. As soon as the weather is warmer we are looking forward to opening up the porch of The Shop to display all the new items. We are working on birdhouses and lighted houses and churches. I also have lots of signs that I painted.
May you all find a little Spring time surprise today. Hang in there..only 31 more days till Spring.

"All through the long winter, I dream of my garden.
On the first day of Spring, I dig my fingers deep into the soft earth.
I can feel its energy, and my spirits soar."
~~Helen Hayes~~~

Friday, February 12, 2010

OPEN for Business

For all our customers...The Brickhouse Craft Shop is open today, and also Saturday and Sunday. If you do not see our sign do not fret..we are OPEN...the snow is causing a problem with our little sign! Time to get the permanant sign up and with the way this winter has been in Central PA..we are thinking about a BILLBOARD! So PLEASE stop by the Shop and say hi. I am putting out the Easter goodies today...time for a touch of Spring!
I am sorry that I am not including pictures on this post but we got a new computer and I am still learning my way around it. So when Tim comes home tonight I will have him help me with the pictures. I have some nice hearts that Miss Beryl made for the Shop and I want to show them off here on the blog stop by our blog again to see them OR better yet stop by the Brickhouse and see them in person.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the wonderful crafters....or I really should say FRIENDS of The Brickhouse Craft Shop....You ALL are amazing people not only with your talents but with the friendship you have shown to me. You are always there when I need to talk and with a shoulder to cry on and you all make me laugh and feel good about myself. I treasure the friendship and I look forward to many years with you.
About a year ago we started this blog and I had no idea how it would turn out but I must say Tim and I are enjoying the blogging world and all the wonderful people we have met in blogland. I recently came to know some fellow Shop owners and it is so nice sharing ideas and sharing crafters (Right Darrell? LOL)
Well, the time has come where I need to go out and open the stop by The Brickhouse this weekend we would love to see you.
One more me crazy but I am thinking about starting another blog....Tim and I will continue to do this blog. But I want to have my own blog...a blog to share what I am doing with our redocorating and things like that. We want to keep this blog focused on the Shop but I have a yearning to do another stayed tuned!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

No more Porch Sitting

No more porch sitting until Spring! We have a nice little winter wonderland here at our home in PA. It is a nice day to be snowed in and look out the windows and enjoy the beauty of the snow. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and you are all home and cozy with your families.