Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Monday but......

It still feels like the weekend here at the Brickhouse. Tim has today off from work because of President's Day. After a day home with me he may wish he would have went to work today. :) I am still in my purging mood. The purging mood hit me right after Christmas..feels so good to declutter and purge. I will be doing more of this today with the help from Tim. It is nice to have his muscles to help me carry things down the stairs and then to the Goodwill store.
In my post about my WOMAN CAVE I mentioned how I hate when things are cluttered and in disorder...WELL after decluttering and purging in my Craft Room aka my woman cave...I actually did some crafting in there this weekend. 

It was so nice to be able to work in there, at my craft table and NOT carry my supplies down to the kitchen and use the kitchen table as my craft table...and then clean up and take all the supplies back up stairs.
 Well, I think it is time to get to busy and to get Tim busy, too. :)  I hope you all have a great day and if you have today off I hope you can find time to relax a bit. I promise I won't work Tim too hard today...he will have time to relax today as well.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's almost here!

Our Lilacs are showing signs that Spring is coming!

 Can you feel it?  I can! I know I have a great imagination, but.....

My favorite Spring flower, Hyacinth, peeking out of the cold ground

I can see it and it isn't my imagination and I have proof......

Daylilies letting us know that Spring will soon be here!

Can you see the signs of Spring in your Winter landscape?

Daffodils pushing their way up though the cold Winter soil
SPRING will be here soon!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

~~Sparkles and Hearts~~~

~~Happy Valentine's Day From Tim & Patti at the Brickhouse Craft Shop~~



Tuesday, February 12, 2013

~~Creating My Woman Cave~~

Are you like me, when there is chaos, disorder, and clutter, your mood becomes chaotic, disorderly and just all around grouchy?
What a mess!

And then when everything is organized, looking pretty and especially when your windows shine...(THANKS to my mom and Tim who cleaned and shined up some windows for me on Sunday ) you/I become a much pleasant person...Right, Tim? :)

 Yesterday I finished painting the walls and ceiling in my craft room. I still have the trim to paint yet and I need to get some new curtains but I am so happy with the way it looks so far....still have a lot to do but I am getting there.

 I wish I would have a before picture, the walls AND ceiling had a bright red floral wallpaper! We still have the red carpet and someday we will replace it but for now I can live with that...I couldn't live with that wallpaper!

Now to get my craft table organized so I can sit there and create...not only does my mood change but my creative juices start to flow when the area where I create is a pretty, organized Happy Place...My WOMAN CAVE!