Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold hands, warm hearts

The big snow storm missed us. We had snow and wind but no big deal. The wind and the cold is the is SO COLD outside...brrrr... OH I am SO ready for Spring!
We had a great weekend at The Brickhouse Craft Shop. I spent most of Sunday contacting our crafters and ordering more goodies for the shop. The wonderful bunnies made by April are almost sold out and I had to order more! I ordered more lights and also more tarts. I have a few more crafters to contact...whew...I don't know what to think...I watch the news in the evening and it is all gloom and doom. I get nervous and think I should hold off ordering for the shop, but our customers are still coming into the shop and buying. So I can't let them down, I have to order more goodies! I need to get back into my craft room and get busy painting. Tim made some wonderful birdhouses and I NEED to get them painted.
I had a wonderful birthday weekend. Tim made it special. He bought me a very YUMMY cake...CHOCOLATE! Does he know me or what?
Tonight he surprised me with a gift ( I am thinking I am going to make this my birthday WEEK..LOL), he got me the Jane Seymour Open Heart Necklace . OH I love it and I love him!

Thank you Tim. AND a big thank you to all my friends and new blogging friends for all the Birthday wishes.
Stay warm everyone


Holly Hills Primitives said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad to hear you have been busy! It's a little slow with Michigan's economy, it runs in streaks. What a beautiful birthday gift from Tim, lucky girl! Stay warm - it's going below 0 here tonight.

Farmgirl said...

Love that necklace. I'll be 50 next month and asked for this ~ Fingers crossed in hopes I get it too.~

TeresaM said...

WOW!! You lucky girl.......... to receive such a pretty gift from a most thoughtful husband!!!