Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Monday

It has been such a dreary day here in PA. After the BEAUTIFUL weekend we just had, today's rain was a bummer..but at least we had a nice weekend. It was a day where I felt like being lazy and believe me I was! It feels good to have a lazy day every once in awhile. I spent most of the day doing some serious research on the computer. I am planning on making something for our customers at The Brickhouse and I am excited about it. Once I get everything all set and I make my first one THEN I will share with all of you what it is I am planning on making...I can't wait!! I still have lots of research to do on certain things and then the next step is to get my supplies...I am so impatient and I want to jump right in and buy everything so I can get started, but I am learning to be patient and do just a little more research and then I will share with all of you what I am going to do. I was so focused on my research today that I almost forgot about Howie's Vets appointment...We made it just in time for his appointment. He was spoiled today by the staff and by a man who was there for his cat's appointment. He gave Howie a great back rub and lots of treats....Howie was loving all the attention! The Vet was impressed with how well Howie is doing with his treatment. And to think that a couple of months ago I thought we would lose Howie...but I think he is really going to be ok. Can you see the scar on his nose? It is from the swelling that he had before he started the steriods. I think the scar makes him look like a tough dude dog!

We have been getting new goodies delivered almost daily here at The Brickhouse. I will be taking pictures this week and I will share them with you. And I want to get some pictures of the Shop since we changed things around. We have been getting compliments from our customers on how much they like the changes. So if you are in the area make sure you stop by and say hi. If I am in the kitchen I will be able to see you as you arrive at The Brickhouse...this is the view from my kitchen window..

Thanks for stopping by our blog. I hope you all have a great week and take time to enjoy a lazy day every once in awhile....!



Ginny said...

So glad to hear that Howie is doing better. Give him a hug for us.

Dan said...

I am glad to hear that Howie is doing better. The scar does make him look like a tough guy. Now all he needs is a! ~Dan~

lakeffect said...

Great news about Howie! I've been thinking about him. Give him a belly rub from me.

Purvail said...

Vivisting for the 1st time.. Love your dog Howie.. it's wonderful what meds can do even for our pets..Thank the Lord.

I saw you live In Millersburg Pa.

I lived and gratuated from Millersburg, Ohio

Will enjoy coming back to see what you have done.

Angela said...

Howie is so adorable in that picture looking up at us..I can't wait to see all the pics that you will be sharing..((hugs))

Beryl said...

Morning Patti, so glad Howie is doing better. He's a handsome fellow, maybe we should fix him and Roxy long distance relationship. Good luck with the secret project, I know you can do it. Have a great day...Beryl

Teri said...

Hi Patti ~ I too, am happy that Howie is doing better! I love the first picture that you shared...such peace and serenity! I also love the other pictures that you shared! Have a great day! Hugs ~ Teri

JeanM said...

So glad Howie is doing better.

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