Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Day!

I love days like this in the Shop. I have been busy since I opened this morning. Lots of customers/friends that I haven't seen in awhile are coming out of hibernation and stopping by The Brickhouse. AND lots of new customers, too! I had two special visitors at the Shop today. Pat and her husband, Zip drove up from Newburg to visit the Shop. It was so nice seeing Pat again and meeting her husband....two really nice people. I met Pat at Grant Street Woolworks during my day out with Tarrah and Teresa. You can check out Pat's blog HERE. I just wished that I would have had more time to spend with them. They were on their way to met with another fellow blogger, BARB. And then they were heading up to Gratz to check out TARRAH'S Open House. I am so jealous I wish that I could go to the Open House but I have to be here for my customers. I talked with Tarrah this morning and the way she described everything it sounded so nice. Oh and Tarrah told me that her computer crashed, so if anyone is trying to contact her and she doesn't get back to you that is the reason. Poor Tarrah is going through blog withdrawal!
I want to share some random shots from The Brickhouse.Please stop by and visit us.

Our Shop may be small but it is filled with lots of great handmades and I think there is good karma or something like that in the Shop because a lot of times when people visit us they never want to leave. So many of our customers tell us that they want to move in! There is something about the Shop because at night when we close, Tim and I will spend an hour or two just sitting in the Shop talking and relaxing...and for The Porch Sitting..well everyone that drives by and sees us Porch Sittin' knows that we spend a LOT of time on the porch. When you stop by to visit us feel free to spend some time porch sittin'!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Angela said...

I just told Randy,,'I love her shop'

Thanks for sharing all these pictures. I SO enjoyed my visit.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

JUST ADORABLE! Everything looks great and I want to come porch sit one of these days. Have a great ($$$) weekend, Dawn

weaverpat said...

Hi Patti,
Thanks so much for the great Welcome! We loved the shop!!! And Zip had a good time talking about the history of the house.

We just returned home about half an hour ago and are exhausted. Oh my! Too much fun in one day!!! LOL!

We'll be back to sit on the porch when the weather gets warmer!

Beryl said...

Patti everything looks great, your shop looks so cozy and welcoming. You do a great job friend....Beryl

bspinner said...

The shop looks like its full of wonderful things. I'm hoping to stop by next weekend.
Pat and her husband Zip are wonderful! Thanks so much for sending them my way.

CountryCrocks said...

Patti - your shop looks so awesome!!! I've just got to get there one of these days and visit with you.


Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog. I really enjoyed my tour thru your lovely shop...You have so many nice things! Good Job!

Thanks for the visit, Karen

Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi Patti!

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my blog and joining as a follower. I have joined yours too. Once again, LOVE your shop, Karen

TeresaM said...

I missed this post!!! Everything looks so nice Patti!!!

Cheyenne said...

Your shop looks so beautiful! I would looooove to come visit someday! :)