Saturday, December 22, 2012

...but inside it's so delightful

ahhhhhh...we are having a nice relaxing evening at the Brickhouse. We hope you are as well.
wonderful scent filling the room

even a little smooching going on

Howie relaxing..just like he does every day!



must have candlelight

curling up with my favorite magazine

and my favorite wine

Let me tell you...these are da bomb! Hershey Kisses Candy Cane!
We hope you are enjoying a relaxing evening. At this time of year it seems a lot of people get stressed by doing so much to get ready for Christmas......turn off the lights, light some candles, have a glass of your favorite wine and relax,,,,oh and don't forget the chocolate!


TeresaM said...

Looks very relaxing Patti!!! I had my family here today so with 5 little ones opening gifts it was quite exciting! After they left I had to take a nap.... cooked all morning!

Margaret said...

How lovely! I wish you a very merry Christmas! Maggie/Maggie's Lil Fixins

Raymond Homestead said...

Howie knows how to relax!Bet he's listening to his favorite Christmas music! :-)