Thursday, January 3, 2013

~~Good Morning~~

~~Good Morning. It is a COLD one here at the Brickhouse. Nothing like stepping on a cold floor in the morning to wake you up! Gotta love an old drafty house. Well Christmas is put away here in the house...not like we had a lot to put away since we didn't decorate a tree this year or did any decorating in the house..BUT we still have Christmas to put away in the Shop...not sure why I am putting off but I really need to get it done...we will reopen the Shop on Jan 10th....I better get moving. Speaking of getting moving...time to get back to dippin' lights for the Shop...if you need lights just let me know. AND I need to get to tart making AND soap I haven't made soap YET! Not sure why I am so nervous about trying it...but I will try it this week...wish me luck! :)   
  I did do some craftin' yesterday..the theme being bottles/jars.

  And I did some more crafting...our friend Marie of Simple Whimsy Design (check her out on Facebook) made these cute birds...I thought I would see how they would look on a "perch"...what do you think?

   AND  finally.....we are looking for local crafters and food vendors for upcoming Festivals this if you LIVE in PA and you make crafts and would be interested in doing some shows this year, please send us some pictures of your work and your contact info, and we will get some info out to you. You can send an email to or stop by the Shop and introduce yourself and show us what you make. Thanks. I hope you have a great day today..stay warm!~~


Mary Ann said...

Great pictures, and I have some old bottles that could stand dressing up! Stay warm up there!

Raymond Homestead said...

Cute bottles and the little birds are sweet!