Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~~Can't wait~~

SO excited for.......Christmas? Well, is almost here and that is exciting, even though our Christmas's are usually low key. What I am excited about is I will finally be able to cook and clean. Yep, you heard me..I can't wait to clean my house and cook and bake. And  if you ask Tim, I am SURE he is excited, too. The last couple of weeks...well more like MONTHS, it has been crazy here at the Brickhouse. We have been spending more (lots more) time in the Shop then we do in the house, our neglected house!  Not only is the house being neglected, so are poor Howie Dog and Cricket...I think Santa needs to put extra treats in their stockings this Christmas. So come December 26 I will dust off the vacuum cleaner and dust off the pots and pans and get cooking and cleaning.  AND after I get caught up with the cooking and cleaning then I will  do what I REALLY am excited to do and that is....start to work on some new projects for the Shop.

~~Can't wait to create~~

 Remember how I mentioned in my last post, we are making some changes in the Shop? Well, I am excited to get started on the changes....need to decide on paint colors for the curtains and new display pieces....lots to do!

Now if I can control myself and not start to craft before I finish the may be hard to do....can't wait to craft and create. Maybe Santa will bring me a Cleaning Lady and a Chef to help me out so I can do what I REALLY want to do...craft my days away.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Well, Merry Christmas to you! I hope you are given time to get inspired and craft for long winter night! Dianntha

Primitive Stars said...

Love your Header picture, made me smile as did your post, thanks for that......Happy Cleaning, Baking, Francine.

Pat said...

So glad to hear that it isn't just my house that's been neglected. We've been so busy with online orders we've spent 12-15 hours a day in the shop. All orders went out on Monday and I've been cleaning the house for the past 2 days.
Have a wonderful holiday.