Monday, April 19, 2010

Old Treasures

Good Monday Morning! I hope you all had a nice weekend. Tim and I had guests for Dinner on Sunday. Tim's mom is having a Birthday today so yesterday we invited her to our house for a Birthday meal. Tim's Aunt Marge and Uncle Marty also joined us for dinner. They drove in from Ohio to spend some time with Tim's mom. Aunt Marge brought some family treasures that she thought I would like. LIKE? I LOVE them! I was shocked but so happy that she wanted me to have these things that have been in her family for many years. The quilt square is very very old. Aunt Marge told us that Tim's Great-Great-Great Grandmother made the quilt and that it dates back to the 1800's. We think it fits perfectly in our home. Our home was built in 1860, so to think that around that time this quilt was!

I am planning on getting a new frame made for the quilt. I am thinking an old wood frame.

Aunt Marge also gave me these old containers. They were in the family store, Masser's Store. In the 1800's Tim's Great-Grandfather, S.R. Masser bought the store. I think it is so amazing that she was able to save a lot of the old things from the store and then to pass them on to me. Thank you Aunt Marge, I will treasure these gifts.
I placed the containers above a cabinet in our kitchen. Do you see them up there?

Here is a close-up.
This is a metal container that once held coconut. The label isn't in the best shape but it is still wonderful.
This box is so neat! It is made of paper/cardboard and has a metal handle. I love it!

Bird Update: It looks like the Bluebird family has won the brawl. These pictures were taken this morning. I think the sparrows have decided to look for another house. This makes me happy, now we get to enjoy watching the bluebirds and we are anxious to see the new additions to their family.
I hope you all have a great week.


The Farmer's Attic said...

Wow Patti! Wonderful treasures! Miss hearing from you :( Hope you are doing well.

Teri said...

Hi Patti ~ Oh such wonderful family treasures! It sounds like a memory making weekend for you and your family. Thank you for sharing. In the past years we have had a similar problem with the sparrows and our little wrens. We have a wren house just off of our patio and it is placed at the end of my that we can enjoy the wrens as they work away making their little home for their family...the sparrows just love to pester our little wrens...but so far the little wrens have held their own and they are so precious to watch. Sweet blessings for your week! Hugs ~ Teri

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Glad the Bluebirds won out! How great. Boy, what beautiful gifts you received from your aunt. I know you will treasure them forever. Have a great week, Dawn

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photos of the wonderful things you got from your family..our little sparrows are back..they come back every year..we have a little birdhouse attached to the side of our house and they use it faithfully every year..I can see them flitting about in my craftroom...:)have a great monday.:)

Vicki said...

Beautiful photos and blog!

TeresaM said...

What wonderful family heirlooms you received Patti! I love it all! That quilt is beautiful and perfect for your home.

So happy the bluebirds won the battle!