Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bird~Chirping Weather

Can you hear the birds? What a wonderful sound! Our resident birds are busy preparing their nests for their little ones that will soon be making their entrance into the world.
Last year we had a pair of Bluebirds that were trying to take over a Sparrow family's nest. Well this year the Bluebirds found their own home, right on our side porch. There was once a door here but the previous owners closed the door and had these shelves made. I had a birdhouse that Tim made sitting on the one shelf and the Bluebirds decided to move in and they have been busy flying in and out of the birdhouse. I am surprised that they have made their home so close to us...but I am not complaining because it is so nice to be able to be so close to watch them.

Mr Bluebird checking out his new home.

Mrs Bluebird making sure she likes her new home!

Two years ago I bought these two pottery bird houses and this is the first year that we had birds move into them. The new residents in the pottery bird house are sparrows. I was hoping to get some wrens but so far I don't see or hear any near by. Last year we had some wrens find a home in on of our birdhouses but they haven't returned this year. I hope they come back!

We asked Bob the Potter to make some of these bird bottle houses for our customers at The Brickhouse and he did! Stop by the Shop and see Bob's pottery! You will love them!

Yesterday, Tim and I drove to Lebanon to pick up our candle order from PA SOY. It was so nice seeing Richard and Carolyn again. And I enjoyed smelling all the new scents! Carolyn was trying out some new scents and she gave us two new scents to test burn for her. So when you stop by the Shop this week you will be able to smell the new scents because we will be testing them in the Shop. Today after I mow the lawn I will be in the Shop unpacking the candles and also moving the Easter items out of the Shop and change some things around. I need to get together with my Crafters and get some new goodies in the Shop. Tim and I have been busy making birdhouses and signs. Tim is also working on some new things and I will be showing you some pictures this week. I love what he is making and I sure hope he makes some for me!
I better get outside and start mowing the grass...the first cut of the year! How I love this weather! I hope you all get a chance to enjoy it today. And remember to stop by The Brickhouse and smell the candles and watch the birds!



Holly Hills Primitives said...

Happy Spring! Isn't it just great to be able to get outside? I love that the bluebirds decided to move in so close to you. It will be so much fun to watch them! Have a great day, Dawn

rockriverstitches said...

Patti, Looks like your bluebirds have a perfect place to raise their young. I'm so happy to hear the birds singing this time of the year too.


Jackie said...

Have fun watching your new bird neighbors. I have some new neighbors who have moved into my little birdhouse too...not bluebirds though...lucky you.


Pam said...

I just love seeing & hearing the birds this time of year! I love your pottery birdhouses...what a great idea!
Have a great day=)

Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

Such cute birdies....they are everywhere here too which I am happy for...except some of our birds keep trying to get in our grill to build a nest, guess I need some bird bottles for myself now too!!! LOL!!
I am anxious to see Tim's new creations!

TeresaM said...

Oh my gosh Patti!!! You are soooooooo lucky to have the bluebirds so close!!!
I have some Chickadee's moving into my church birdhouse!!! I'm excited. I want to try and get some pictures of them today! Yesterday they were in there remodeling..... it was so funny.... I could hear them tapping around like they were fixing it up!
There was a fight between a Nut Hatch and the Chickadee's! Looks like the Chickadee's have won! I keep wanting to lift up the side and check out the progress of the nest......Tim should not have put that on there for me! LOL

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Mindy said...

The pottery house are neat! Love the little blue bird!

weaverpat said...

Hi Patti,
I think they're the 'bluebirds of happiness'!
You are lucky to have such delightful little visitors. Wait till those babies hatch!!!

Patty said...

Those pottery houses are adorable, I hope the birds come back!

Angela said...

I do love the sounds of the birds. I have a bird building a nest right out my bedroom window on my awning. I love laying in bed and watching her...and listening to her sing away...

I'm so loving those bottle bird houses..WOW...they are so beautiful

peggy said...

I would guess it would be hard to keep enough of those pottery bottle bird houses. They are so pretty!

Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi! Love your cheery springtime post and pictures of the birds! I just love the sound of them in the morning. I really love the bird houses!!! Thanks for the visit, Karen

Debbie said...

Hi Patti!

I just found your blog through the forum and so glad I did... I love it! Do you have other birds nesting in the other houses there on the shelf? Such a neat idea.