Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brickhouse Bird Brawl

Since my last post things have changed here at The Brickhouse. It looks like we are going to be looking for a new home. Things have been crazy and I am tired of all the ruckus. Something has to be done because the noise from all the fights is getting to me......Bird fights that is...what did you think I was talking about? No, us humans are living in harmony but not the birds......we need to find another home for the birds so the Sparrows and the Bluebirds can live in harmony and stop fighting over the one birdhouse. A couple of weeks ago Mr and Mrs Bluebird moved into a birdhouse on our side porch.

Well, the Sparrow family decided to try to evict the Bluebirds.

I think it is time for Tim to build another birdhouse and hopefully the sparrows will move into the new one and leave the bluebirds alone.
I hope they can work it out. I love having the bluebirds so close.
It is a beautiful day here in Central Pa today. Everything is in bloom and growing like crazy, including the weeds! I am thinking of having some sort of special event here at The Brickhouse and I am thinking it may include weeding. Do you think I can get our customers to help me weed? Maybe I can entice my customers to help with the weeding by offering them something free...hmmm? We could have the 1st annual Brickhouse Weeding Party....I like that!

Next Wednesday The Brickhouse will be closed. I am going to Gettysburg to the Wholesale Show with Tarrah. We will be meeting up with Teresa, Linda and maybe Michelle. It is going to be a fun day and I hope to get a lot of new goodies for the Shop. And I just got an email from Beryl and she sent out a big box of new things for the Shop...can't wait to see what she made.
Tim and I have been trying real hard to keep birdhouses in stock for our customers but as soon as we make one we sell is crazy, a good crazy! Hopefully, this weekend we can get some made and ready for our customers. And I want some for myself! If only I could clone Tim and have him home all day making birdhouses! Here are two birdhouses that we made last summer....We are making more of these. I love the Church!

Yesterday, a Sales Rep came into the Shop and I told him unless he was selling Made in USA only that I wasn't interested. I told him that we have a MADE in USA ONLY Shop and he looked at me like I had two heads. I am sure that we are unique or maybe I should say "strange" to other people but when we opened our Shop we made the commitment to sell only Handmades and we will not compromise. Mr Sales Rep told me that there is no way we will survive by doing this! WOW...anyhow we are proud of our little Shop and we are So Very Proud of our crafters that make all the wonderful Handmades and we are planning on staying in business for many years. And we thank all of our customers who support us and encourage us with our commitment to selling only Handmades.

Well, I started this post talking about the ruckus among the birds and I will end this post with these beautiful pictures of a butterfly that I spotted this morning.

I hope you all have a great weekend. And stop by the Brickhouse and pick out a FREE WEED..we have plenty to go around!


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

What a great post!!! And wonderful pictures of the birds.....I hope they can work out their "domestic disputes soon!" LoL! Yes , it can truly be frustrating to us crafters... people who don't understand made in the USA and handmade. Thank you for promoting handmade!

TeresaM said...

Oh my gosh Patti!!! That is soooooo funny about your birds! All is quite on the western front with my new family in the Church Birdhouse.... which I just love! The box is filled with stuff so she must be in there hatching her eggs! I hope anyway!

Beautiful picture of the butterfly!!!

See you Wednesday.......hope we have a day like today!!!

Angela said...

At first I thought you were talking about moving yourself, LOL. I've missed you. I came by early today to see if you posted and now you did! I just shared at someone else's blog that I have a habit when I'm at my girlfriend's house that as we sit on her porch, I will get up and start doing her weeding,,LOL

K'sKronicles said...

Hey Patti...too funny about the birds. Hope all is well..! K

Linda said...

Patti..........thank goodness for shop owners like you. Stick to your convictions and you will have loyal customers who feel the same as you do.
You are so lucky to have those little bluebirds so close. Hope they stay.

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Awesome all your little birds even if they are fighting! I hope they work it out!Oh and Im anxious to see what Beryl has been up to so be sure to post pics! And if you run out of weeds I have some here I will gladly share. Have a great week.

Teri said...

Such a fun post! I think it is wonderful that your shop is a "Made in the USA" only shop...we would all be so much for the better if we strived to buy "USA" products whenever possible...and if those selling would keep it "Made in America"...please continue to follow your feelings! I love the birdhouses that you shared! Also, I do wish that I lived close by...I would help with your weeding...but I would like to spend a bit of porch sitting time after the weeding! Sweet blessings!

Mindy said...

Wow, at first I thought you must have some pretty bad neighbors! lol
Good for you on sticking with only made in the USA! Have fun going to Gettysburg!

The Crafty Crow said...

Wonderful post, I love it, your pictures are amazing. Thank you for your support and steadfastness to be Handmade in America. God Bless You.

janet said...

I too thought from your post that you were moving..Hysterical that you were talking about the birds..We have birdhouses on most of our posts in our backyard and at times when I am talking to my sister on the phone she will say what's all the rukus..My response..The birds..Enough said..So glad though that you are sticking to your guns with the american made products only..More people should have your conviction..Love your blog

peggy said...

I applaud you for your policy on USA goods. I live in the Detroit area, do you know that almost all the shops that were here are no longer in business. And before they closed their doors, you couldn't find a single item that wasn't imported, and they wouldn't even consider local artist goods. You might mention that to your sales rep (if he comes back). Love the birds and butterflies.

Prim Crafts said...

Hi Patti, your little comentary of the bird fighting is so cute. We have robins that are constantly fighting with each other, some times I have to go break it up!!

I just want to say GOOD FOR YOU to only sell American made goods. I am so tired of going to craft shops an seeing made in china, japan, india or elsewhere. We have such talented artist right here in the USA and should support them!! May you have many years of success in your business.
Prim Blessings,

Tracey said...

Patti, I have got to make it up to your shop this summer! I loved your post, and I so want to sit on that porch! The birdhouses are wonderful - I love the church, too!
Good for you for offering only made in USA items!

Have fun shopping in Gettysburg!

Beryl said...

Hi Patti, the birdhouses are so pretty that I don't blame the birds, I'd be fighting to get me one to. Good for you for selling only made in the USA. I've been sewing like crazy yesterday and today, sore finger and Got lots of snowmen sewn up and some other things that will have to be a suprise. Have fun in Gettysburg, wish I was there to go with you...Beryl

Kate said...

Hey Patti. LOVE those birdhouses! Hopefully there will be some left by the time I get back to see you and sit on that porch sipping a nice glass of Ice Tea! (I'm partial to the "church" one ;).

Good for you with sticking with "Made in the USA" only!!

I could also probably help you with some weeding. While doing some myself in the back yard the other day I found out that Mr. Danny Boy is quite the little digger - now maybe I could train him to only dig up weeds?

Have fun in Gettysburg!


Hey...all you crafters out there - I am looking for handmade items that I can resell in our store..I too commend you Patti for your "stick-to-it-tiveness" of selling only handmade items in your store!!!...Your circumstances are a bit different than some other stores that are getting a bad rap for selling some imports. Where do I get made in USA lighting that isn't so expensive only the rich can purchase it??? Tell me where to buy made in USA tea towels..and I will be more than happy to...I could go on but I just wanted everyone to know that as a store owner I would LOVE to be able to sell only made in USA but it just isn't feasible for everyone to make a living that way. I do sell alot of handmades and make some myself - but I could never stay in business without the imports...I am choosy what I purchase and deal with reputable companies - tell me where I can purchase a light bulb that isn't imported??? Sad but true! Your friendly storekeeper, Judy
Patti - you can delete this if you think I am out of line...just saying how it is out there!