Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Morning

Where did my weekend go? Gosh, it went by too fast. It is a beautiful morning. I wish I could stay home but since I didn't win THE POWERBALL I have to go...UGH! I need to defend Mr and Mrs Sparrow! I wrote about the fight between the Sparrows and the Bluebirds. This birdhouse has always been the home of the sparrows. I have read how nasty sparrows are to bluebirds but in this case it is the bluebirds being mean to the sparrows! The sparrows have babies inside the house and the bluebirds have been trying to get into the house. I find this odd since I thought bluebirds don't like to have their homes close to other birds. Tim is going to make me some bluebird boxes and we will place them away from the house, close to the corn field. Not sure why the bluebirds are trying to get into the sparrows house? Any thoughts? Also, have you all been seeing Hummingbirds? I have a feeder up and only saw one hummingbird and that was last month. I sure hope they come back.

Well I better get out of here and get to work. Have a great day!


TeresaM said...

What a beautiful picture of your kitchen window Patti!!! Hope you have a nice day! I need to spend the day cleaning so that is not fun either! I want to be crafting!!!

Hope those birds can get their problems worked out and stop all that fighting!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Patti, is that your kitchen in the top picture? I hope we get to see more! My mom has quite a few hummingbirds and she claims that you have to clean out the feeders every few days or the sugar water will kind of "spoil". Have to get to the hospital, my dad had to go for a transfusion Sat night and is having a procedure done this morning. Good luck with your birdies! Dawn