Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Peaceful Saturday Morning

Good Morning! What a nice sunrise this morning.

Thursday night and Friday afternoon we had some heavy thunderstorms. Here is the corn field this morning.....a little wet!
I was sitting in the kitchen this morning enjoying the sunrise and listening to the birds sing their morning songs....UNTIL there was a fight in the herb garden. We have a birdhouse that houses a family of sparrows.
Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow.

It seems like this birdhouse is very popular. Mr and Mrs Bluebird have decided to check out the neighborhood and they seem to like this house. This is a picture of Mrs Bluebird checking it out. Mr Bluebird is in a FOWL mood this morning. He has been fighting with Mr Sparrow over this house.

I was not able to get pictures of the fight.....but I did get pictures of the Bluebirds checking out other birdhouses in our herb garden and I just noticed that they are checking out the birdhouses that we have on the porch of the Brickhouse Craft Shop. I am thinking today when our customers come by to pick up their birdhouses they may end up taking home a bird, too!! Jennie is coming today to pick up her Church birdhouse...she may have a surprise in hers.....the Bluebirds!
Here are some more pictures of the Bluebirds checking out the houses.

If you look close you can see Mrs Bluebird on the roof of the Church.I don't see or hear any more I think peace has returned to the herb garden...for now! May you all have a peaceful Saturday.



Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a sunrise! Just beautiful. Love the pictures of the birds. We have a pair of little chickadees building a nest in the birdhouse hanging on our front porch. They are SO cute! Had the first busy day I've had lately yesterday and it felt GREAT! Hope it continues through the weekend for all of us $$$! We'll talk soon, Dawn

Rue said...

I was just talking about how beautiful it is this morning and here I find you posting about it! It really is wonderful outside :)

What a fun gift to get a birdhouse with it's own bird family LOL

Have a great weekend!

bspinner said...

Beautiful sunrise pictures. I love the pictures of the birds. I can never get any pictures of ours but about 5 every morning they have us wide awake.

TeresaM said...

Oh my gosh Patti!!! Those pictures are beautiful!!! It sure was a beautiful day! We saw a bear in our woods this morning!!! That was exciting.

Those birds are too funny fighting over the houses!!!


Hi Patti....beautiful sunrise and you captured it perfectly. However....those BAD sparrows are not NICE to the Bluebirds..they do harm (bad harm) to the Bluebird eggs or peeps. You have to have a birdhouse without a perch for the bluebirds as they are so skittish and just swoop right into their homes....That you have these still shots of them is amazing!! Sending hugs, Judy