Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hidden Treasures

Here are some of the treasures that we found hidden in the walls of our old summer kitchen which is now our Craft Shop. This is a piece of wood which we believe was part of a box.
One of the old shoes we found. This is a child's shoe...notice the patch at the heel.
Here is the other shoe we found..this is an adult's shoe.
The bottles we found...I love the little one...wonder what it was used for?

This bottle has the words WIZARD OIL...Hmmmmm?I hope you all are having a nice weekend and if you have some sunshine to spare can you send some our way? It is raining... AGAIN! It is really coming tired of this rain....yesterday was nice but today..UGH! I have a feeling The Brickhouse will not be seeing much business today. While I have been writing this post I have been dealing with a nasty Blue Jay...why the birds are picking on my sparrow family I have no idea..but I am getting tired of playing referee. I was sitting here in the kitchen and heard some birds yelling..birds yell don't they? I went to the porch and there is this big ole Blue Jay with his head in the hole of Mr and Mrs Sparrows home and he is ripping the nest apart..the Sparrows are yelling at him..I go out a number of times to chase him away...If you remember the post I made a few weeks ago about the BLUE Birds picking on the it is the BLUE Jay....Poor sparrows! And to think that BLUE is my favorite color!!!

I better get busy. Tim is out in the Splinter Shop busy making birdhouses for our customers and I have some that I need to paint and until next time...have a great weekend and Please stop by our Porch again.



OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Hi Patti! What wonderful treasures you found! I'll bet that was so neat finding those in the walls. It makes you think about the people who walked this earth long before us!

I know what you mean about those blue jays! When we first moved to Utah I saw my first Magpie and thought they were so pretty. Until I realized they were just as bad as blue jays about picking on other birds. They were such a nuisance!

We went 30 days with no rain till yesterday. We so need it, so I'll be glad to take it off your hands! LOL! Have a good weekend! ~~Annie

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What great finds! There's nothing like discovering a little "history". Business has been slow all week around here, sure hope it picks up soon! Have a great Father's Day, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti, Isn't is sweet watching the birds take care of their little ones. We have some young ones too and would hate to see them bothered that way. You're like a guardian angel looking over them!
We have had some nice days, so hopefully this system is moving your way. April

Susannah said...

Interesting things that you found! Makes you wonder who put them there and why.
Have a wonderful day.

I Play Outside The Box said...

What wonderful finds!!! Lucky you!

bspinner said...

What treasures!!! Do you know the history of your house?

TeresaM said...

Those finds are really interesting Patti!!!

Poor birdies!! Those BlueJays are big bullies!!!

I hope you had some sunshine this afternoon!!! We had some!!!! The rain wasn't giving up though............. the sun was out but it was still raining......that was kind of neat!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Patti ~

I am enjoying your website so much! I also have been birdsitting! We have a pair of wrens living in their "little house" just off of our patio. The sparrows keep pestering them. So I shoo away the sparrows so the little wrens can get back to their daily routine! Simple blessings for your week!


Tolentreasures said...

Great finds in the walls! I love to find old things and love to leave old things for the next people.



Hi patti(:)
Maybe you can hang some tiny jingle bells with twine and a nail over the Sparrows hole .. so the birds will have to ring before entering(:) NO seriously maybe it would scare those bad birds away.. may scare the momma too??
well I know how you feel I am the same way always chasing my cats away from the birdnests in the yard here(:) hugs, Patty


Oh geeze Patti ..I was at facebook then twitter and I don't know how I got so confused today (:)
The real Story is I just found you in Blogland..LOL
Ignore my crazy emails ok..(:)
glad I did..

Janet said...

Hi,Great finds,are you going to display them in your shop? Greg will be swinging by on Friday,I know he would like to see them. Patti, please email me today.

Rue said...

Hi Patti :)

What wonderful treasures!! We haven't found anything like that yet, but we also haven't gotten in any big construction either. Wizard Oil?? Wonder what that was for.

You kitchen is absolutely darling!!


Lynn said...

How cool...I just love that you share your finds. It's amazing that those shoes are so intact but I guess if the conditions are right, you can still find treasures !

Lea said...

Love your bottles.... WOW what a FIND! The boot cracks me up and then makes me SAD. How many shoes we all have and when we tire of em just throw them away. I'm very spoiled!

Crystal said...

These are amazing finds!!