Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Porch sitting

I decided to take a vacation day today and I was hoping to sleep in..well Mother Nature decided to wake me at 4:30 a.m. We had a thunderstorm blow through with some wicked lightning. Today was a humid day and we just had another storm, hopefully that is the last of the storms.

I was tired of how the porch of The Brickhouse Craft Shop was looking....so I rearranged some things. When we have the Shop open we put some of our merchandise on the porch. It has been a windy year here and I am constantly picking up things that blow over and then when we open and close the shop we have to move so many things around. SO from now on all merchandise will be IN the Shop and the porch will be for PORCH SITTING only! I am going to encourage our customers to sit and relax on our porch.
Here are a few pictures I took today.

Thanks for visiting our Porch...please come back again. AND if you visit our Porch please leave us a comment...we have been telling our customers/friends about our blog so if you visit our Porch please leave us a comment..we would love to see that you visited us here at The Porch.



Holly Hills Primitives said...

I would sure love to come sit on that porch - maybe one of these days! Everything looks so darn inviting. We each need to take a trip to each other's shops! Hope you have a great $$$$ week! Dawn

TeresaM said...

Your pictures are beautiful Patti!!! I need to get some crafting done so I can make a trip up to see you! I love love love your porch! It looks so inviting!!!

Bittersweet Primitives said...

Patti, I love your new "tweaking." I want to come sit on your porch. Your garden pictures are so inspiring. thanks for sharing. Have a good Wednesday. *Sherie*

This Country Girl said...

Your porch is just perfect! I would love to come sit a spell on that porch! I'll bring the lemonade! It's so very inviting! I can't remember how I found you blog...someone's blog roll....but I'm glad I did!

Have a great evening!

Kate said...

Oh yes! You heard all that racket early this morning as well? It had me sitting bolt upright in the bed with the dog howling and the cats running for cover under the bed LOL! I don't think I've heard boomers that loud in a while. I'm thinking of hopefully taking a run down I-81 next Wednesday, after Hometown Market, to sit a spell on your porch. Looking forward to it and meeting you two. Once again GREAT blog and THANKS for joing mine!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Patti ~

I would love to come and "sit a spell" on your porch! It looks so inviting! I love all that you share! Simple blessings for your day!



Hi Patti...relaxing on your porch sounds like my kind of thing. The shopkeeper next to me and I have lunch together when we are not with customers and sat out in the far yard under the big olde maple tree...it was so relaxing. My porches are filled with goodies that have to get put away every night too....I stick it all in the powder room that is attached to the porch...hard to explain..you will just have to visit to see!! I have TWO porches...but thinking two nice olde rocking chairs would be just perfect for some "porch sitting" !! XO, Judy

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I wanna come sit by that watercan... and that Pepsi chalkboard is incredible! You have amazing treasures there! I can hardly wait to see more.
You must work your tail off... everything is just lovely!