Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trying to stay cool.

The heat of summer has me thinking of Winter and Christmas. SO I have been working in the cool of our basement on something really COOL for Winter/Christmas! Stay tuned to see what it is..I think you will like them! I will give you a hint...snowmen! And they are COOL!

Also I am trying my hand at some stitcheries... I am having fun with them!

Sometimes my head gets filled with so many different ideas and I don't know what to start first. Maybe I should have a set schedule...Mondays work in the basement on the Winter crafts, Tuesday make tarts, Wednesday work on the stitcheries....etc. And in between all that I need to do yard work, house work, cook...etc! HELP! I think I need to hire an organization Coach or a housekeeper and a lawn service!

The weather is suppose to be nice this week. I am glad because the heat and humidity we had last week was horrible. I know my energy level will be much higher this week, so hopefully I will get a lot done. I hope you all have a wonderful and productive week.


Ginny said...

Looking forward to the cooler week myself. Company arriving next week!! Yikes, so much to do. Talk to you soon. I love snowmen, have somewhat of a collection, can't wait to view your latest!!

renee said...

I just can't think about winter! LOL! It's too long of a season here to begin with. I hope you all get some cooler temps, but I am not ready for that yet!

Primitive Memories said...

Hi Patti!
I can't wait to see what you are working on!! I have been working on a few fall and winter items myself. I think this is the best time of year to work on fall/winter things!
And if you get an organization coach/housekeeper/lawn person (actually I could really use a chef instead of a lawn person!) can you please send 'em my way! I could sure use one too!
Have a lovely day!!