Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happenings at the Brickhouse

Tim and I promise to start blogging more often. We have been super busy and we miss all our friends in "blogland".

We recently did a craft show at a local winery, Armstrong Valley Winery. It was so much fun and the Winery is beautiful. If you are in the Central Pa area you should really stop by and visit Jake and Dean and sample some of their great wines.

While at the Show we met other vendors and after 2 days of doing the show, Tim and I left with the feeling that we gained a few new friends.

Some of our crafters/friends here at the Brickhouse were also at the craft show. Tarrah from INDIAN TRAIL POTTERY was there with their beautiful pottery.

Teryn and her husband, Tim were there with TERYN'S PHOTOS. Here is a one of Teryn's pictures that we all loving titled "THE DIRTY COW PICTURE! She framed it in an old window. I loved it and so did a lot of people and it found a new home with one lucky couple.
And another crafter at the Brickhouse, Trisha was set up at the show selling her soaps, lotions and potions! :) It was a truly wonderful fun~filled weekend.
I do know if we do more craft shows we will be set up under a tent...we were under a nice shade tree....darn birds...need I say more? :)

Here are some pictures from the show. I wanted to take more but our customers kept me too busy.

These last two pictures were of our set up at the show.
We will be back again for more updates and happenings here at the Brickhouse.


Mary Ann said...

Patti, we have had three craft shows this spring here in our small town... but they were held indoors, with terrible lighting. I talked to one of the crafters yesterday and she said they are waiting until summer's end to have another.

Yours looked like fun!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

The show looked great and so does your booth...glad it was a busy and beautiful day. I haven't been to a craft show in soooo long..gotta get back out there and see all the creativity!

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

We didn't make it to the show :( But your set-up looks great!
I love the pic of the hammock...that's what summer should be, right? ;)

Patti said...

Mary Ann, We normally don't do shows but this one was fun and we hope to do it again..In the was a hot weekend for us.
Thanks for following our blog.
Tim & Patti

Patti said...

Judy, know since becoming a Shop owner I never get chance to go to craft shows anymore, so I was like a kid in a candy store at this one. I think I spent a good part of our profits with the other vendors! One of the best parts of the whole weekend was meeting and forming friendships with the vendors..towards the end of the weekend it was like we were all a family.

Tim and Patti

Patti said...
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Patti said...

Marie, You should have been there! The next time, right? As for the hammock...that was right behind where we were set many people including myself wanted to lay on it..but I was afraid I would fall off and embarrassed did look inviting though!
Tim & Patti