Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dream on

~~ Dreams are like the paints of a great artist. Your dreams are your paints, the world is your canvas. Believing, is the brush that converts your dreams into a masterpiece of reality.~~

I am such a dreamer. I have dreams filled with so many (too many!) ideas of what I want to do with our Shop. But reality has sunk in and I am finding out I can't do everything that I dream of doing. So it is time to regroup and just focus on the things that I can do now and hopefully work some of my ideas/dreams into my crazy busy life. I tend to want to do EVERYTHING but that is not possible. SO I have decided to take baby steps with my ideas and just focus on one or two of my ideas and get those off the ground and then focus on one or two more and so on. There is an old saying "Eyes are bigger than your stomach"....WELL my dreams are bigger than my I will keep on dreaming but I will take my dreams one at a time.

One thing that I am focusing more on is our BRICKHOUSE TARTS/MELTS. I look back on when I first started making the was a real learning experience on how to get the best scented tarts. According to our loyal customers I am proud to say I think I finally mastered that. Now I am working on creating our own custom blends..what fun! Working on our Brickhouse Tarts will be the dream/idea that I will focus a lot of my time on for our Shop.

My Dream notebook is overflowing with ideas and I will continue to add more dreams to my list in the notebook but just do one dream at a time. As Tim will tell you, patience is not one of my strong points..I want to do everything at once. I may not be able to do that but I will keep on dreaming.......Whatever your dreams are I hope they come true!


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog...but I'm so glad I did.

I'm enjoying a cup of coffee....and checking things out.

Have a BLESSED day!


Primitive Memories said...

Dreams are what keeps us going. Imagine a world without them! How sad would that be.
I have the same problem as you I have so many ideas and dreams and little time to do them all! And of course I want to accomplish them all NOW!
From where I sit it looks like you have accomplish many of your dreams and those dreams have brought much joy to many people, so I hope you keep on dreaming and doing! I enjoy watching your dreams come to reality!
Have a great day!

CountryCrocks said...

Patti - I think all creative people dream to "overflowing". I know that I do and I want to do everything. It becomes difficult for me to focus on just one thing because "I want to do it all". You have achieved so much with your wonderful shop - having it be all handmade in the USA is a major achievement. Be proud of yourself - you're living your dream!!

Beryl said...

Patti never give up on your dreams :) Beryl

Margaret said...

Everyone needs to dream. It helps us start each day!

Countryside Dish said...

I can so relate. I need to focus on doing a "few" things really well,instead of doing a "lot" of things so-so;)I love your blog!