Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our trip to Pa Soy

On Monday Tim and I headed out to Lebanon to pick up our candle order from Pa Soy. We made a quick stop in Harrisburg and we drove by Fort Hunter. There is a beautiful barn there that one of these days we really need to stop and see the inside of the barn...if it is as nice on the inside as it is from outside..wow!
We then drove towards Lebanon. We drove through Hershey and saw this barn. I saw a sign that said ANTIQUES.... another place to add to the list of places to visit. I came home and find some info about this place:http://www.crossroadsantiques.com/ I am making a trip there soon..maybe the next time we go to pick up our next candle order.
We passed a lot of beautiful farms and homes. Here was one that I found interesting...check out the little oval window.
We finally made it to Richard and Carolyn's farm. They have a beautiful stone farmhouse and barn and why I didn't take pictures I have no idea..next time! We went into the candle area and were greeted by two tired candle makers. They had a busy 2009 and were spending some down time in the Shop. Here is the CEO, Richard just hanging out relaxing and trying to nap.
And we spotted Carolyn, the Master Candle Maker..she was purrfectly content to just stay in her chair..poor girl was so tired.
Here are the soy flakes that they use for their wonderful candles.Looks like they are stocking up for another successful year of candle making!
An open box of the wonderful soy flakes..looks good enough to eat!Here are some pictures of the many scents that they use in their candles...reminds me of the flavorings for snow cones at the local Fair!
I wanted to take more pictures but we were so focused on talking with Carolyn and Richard that I didn't get any more pictures. Tim and I could talk with them all day and we almost did! We thought we would just go in and pick up the order and spend a little time talking with them. Well, we ended up spending over an hour and a half with them! They are two of the nicest people we have ever met. Tim and I enjoyed talking with them and we look forward to seeing them again. We don't think we will have to wait too long. Their candles are so popular in our Shop and I have a feeling we will be making another trip to their farm for another order of candles very soon! Here is our candle display in our Shop. This is all we had left after our Christmas Season at The Brickhouse..the shelves are really empty.

We now have more Pa Soy candles to unpack and get out for our customers. I have a feeling we are going to need a much bigger display area for the candles! Please stop by The Brickhouse and try these candles..we know you will love them! So stop by and take some time to smell the candles!



sea gull lighting said...

Looks like so much fun! Great pictures!

Susan Burd said...

Patti - Crossroads Antiques is really nice! I've been there many times. They have some amazing antiques - many different vendors and booths there. You will enjoy it! Glad you had a nice day!