Monday, January 25, 2010


Lots of rain and wind here today in Central PA. We are under a flood warning. If this would have been snow instead of rain...YIKES!
Flooded cornfield.

57.4 degrees on January 25 in Central PA...not normal! Wheel barrel full of rain.

Basketball hoop blown over.

A river running through our yard.

I just peeked down the basement stairs and YES we have water in our basement. I need to put my waders on and go down there and start cleaning up. Anyone wanted come over and help? I didn't think so...! I hope wherever you are you are nice and dry and the sun is shining bright. Have a nice day and please stop by our porch again.


Holly Hills Primitives said...

If I lived closer, I would come help! I know how it is to have water in your basement. Isn't this weather the weirdest??? It's been warmer here too, but supposed to turn cold and snow by this afternoon. Who knows???? Dawn

mornings322 said...

It seems as if we both need a canoe for our basements. Here in SW pa, Fayette county, it has really been pouring down cats and dogs.

Let's all sing row row row your boat, LOL!

Have a great day


judy said...

Oh I feel so sorry that you have water in the basement.That happened to us a few years ago.24 inches of water in my sewing rooms.I washed 52 loads of fabric that fell into the water when the stacked totes tipped over.No more stacked totes for me.All on new shelves high off the floor.We are in the middle of a ground blizzard.

TeresaM said...

It was nice to see the sun this afternoon!! That was a lot of rain! Hope your basement dries up real quick!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Yep we had rain too. Not as much as you though. Today is Tuesday and it is snowing again. Spring can't come soon enough.