Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

What a beautiful weekend ahead for Central PA.
It is going to be SO NICE....looking forward to it! Still a little chilly here today so I am going to stay inside and work in my craft room. I just got some new stencils so I will be making signs for The Brickhouse and Tim made lots of birdhouses which I have to finish painting and staining. Tomorrow and Saturday when our Shop is open I will work out in the gardens. I wanted to do that last weekend but my knees did not cooperate! They are feeling better today..lets hope that lasts...I so want to get my hands dirty. I also want to visit our local Amish greenhouse and check out some plants. Yep..It is going to be a nice weekend. May all of you have a WONDERFUL weekend. Make sure to come back to our porch...Tim is working on more of his we got here from there..stay tuned! And I am going to be posting pictures of some of his new creations!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a beautiful tree? Is that in your yard? We're supposed to get a warmup too, about 60 today and then up to close to 80. What a difference a day makes! Have fun playing in the dirt - I want to do that too. Dawn

The Brickhouse said...

Dawn, Yes that is our tree..Not sure what type of tree it is though. It gets little hard cherry like fruit on it.????
Have a great weekend and hope you are real busy in your Shop this weekend!

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Hi Patti...Beautiful tree...we are suppose to have that same beautiful weather here this weekend too...can't wait have been wanting to get out and work on the yard and garden areas..
not felt good all week so am looking
forward to it...just being out in the
sun makes you feel good...
Have a great day...
Prim Blessings..

TeresaM said...

I'm so excited about the weekend too Patti!!! I'm going to be able to enjoy this one!!!! Hope you get lots of painting done..........that's what I will be doing tomorrow!