Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Rather Blustery Day

Happy Winds~day! Hold on to your is so windy here today at The Brickhouse. I swear I just saw Piglet fly by our window!
Well the wind did not keep our customers away...we had an awesome day here at The Brickhouse. A big Thank You to our loyal customers and our new customers. We had so much fun in the shop today....started at 9:30 this morning when one of our customers/friend stopped by the shop..I was still getting ready for the day and the shop wasn't even open yet...I opened the shop for our customer and I excused myself and went back into the house to finish drying my hair! Today is the first day of trout season....we had a guy walk into the shop wearing waders and carrying a fishing rod in one hand and wet socks in the other. I was talking to some customers and Tim walked over to the fisherman. I finish with the customers and walk over to Tim...Tim says to me that this man needs a dryer....I am thinking WHAT? Did Tim say he needed a dryer? I am standing there just smiling and trying to figure out what Tim really did say to me...yes he did say "dryer"...I smile and say to the fisherman...ok I can put your socks in our dryer and dry them for you...he says well it isn't just the socks...his jeans were soaked..he fell in the stream. Ok, so now I am still smiling and thinking "sure I can dry your jeans too" But I am picturing this guy standing naked in our shop with just his waders on. We asked him what size jeans he wore..he tells us and yeah he wears the same size as Tim! Tim and I go in the house and get him a pair of Tim's jeans and a pair of socks. We told the young man to keep them! He could not believe that we were so kind to him...we did feel bad for him..he told us that he walked up from the stream which is probably a good mile walk..he stopped along the way at other houses and asked if he could use their dryer...everyone turned him down...not sure what made him keep walking to our shop but he did and we were glad we could help him out...Tim ended up driving him back to the stream so he could meet up with his buddies and continue his fishing. We hope he stayed dry and caught lots of fish. We did have a laugh about it was funny. We are thinking of adding a laundromat onto The Brickhouse.....think how much money we could make..especially during trout season!!
Tim's mom, sister and brother in law stopped by to visit us today at The Shop...Chris my favorite sister in law helped me undecorate a tree and then redecorate was a job I had been putting off... but having Chris help me it made the job much more fun! Some of the lights on the tree had burned out and I really needed to get new lights on the tree and we did it...THANKS CHRIS for your help!
Our email has been out all day..not sure if it is because of the wind. I really need to get some emails out to our crafters/wholesalers..lots of empty spaces in the shop today....busy busy day! I have a feeling I will be up late tonight working on getting orders out for new goodies for The to keep our customers happy and coming back.
I hope you all are having a great weekend. Stop by our porch again and we can chat.


janet said...

Folks, That sure is a funny story,did you think to get a picture? Why didn't he drive? Some people should be ashamed of themself for not helping!!! I hope they never need help,shame on them!!!

The Brickhouse said...

Should have had my camera but I was so shocked when I found out that he needed a DRYER!!! He was from out of town
and one of his buddies drove. When he fell in the water his buddies didn't want to leave their fishing spot to take him to find a DRYER so he walked until he could find someone to help him.


Nothing better than country shopkeepers....Give and you shall receive !! Glad you had a busy day...send some of that magic over here!! Love reading your stories and hope to visit soon....Judy

TeresaM said...

My gosh Patti......... you and Tim are too nice!!! Hope your dryer doesn't smell like fish!!!