Friday, June 29, 2012


Dear Mother Nature, If you are going to send a storm our way could you send it during the day, NOT in the wee early morning hours. I get cranky when I don't get enough sleep, just ask Tim!  And also could you please take away the heat and humidity. This makes me cranky, too! AND most important could you send cooler temps, lower humidity and RAIN to the areas of the country that are dealing with the horrible wild fires.
We thank you for the mild Winter we had, but now we sure could use a mild Summer, too...preferably temps in the low 80's with NO humidity. And one rainy day a week.
 Thank you,

 Dear Customers at the Brickhouse,
  The shop will be open today 10~5. The A/C will be running all day in the Shop to keep you cool while you shop. We want to thank all of you for your support of our little Shop. And we want to thank all of you that voted for us at  We need your help to get us up to 250 votes. Today is the last day for us to get the votes for us to even qualify for the Grant that they will award to 12 small businesses. SO if you voted we thank you so much, if you haven't is so easy. Click on the link and page down to where it says, LOG INTO FACEBOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY, then page down and search for BRICKHOUSE CRAFT SHOP and cast your vote. AND please tell all your family and friends that we are looking for their vote, too.
Thank you all so very much,
Patti & Tim

 Dear Facebook, I am thinking of breaking up with you if you do not go back to the old way. I hate you and your new changes..this is not working for me.
Cranky Patti

Dear Blogger, Thank you for not changing and thank you for allowing me to come back to our blog. I promise to never leave you, again.


Margaret said...

Good morning! We are also having the storms in the wee hours and now the heat & humidity here on Long Island so I hope Mother Nature gets her mail from you and helps us out too :) I agree with you about FB--Frustrating to say the least! Love your posts and have a great day! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

Patti said...

Hi Margaret, Good Morning, to you as well. Hopefully Mother Nature will get my letter :)
Thank you for following our blog. I hope you have a great day..try to stay cool this weekend.

Patti said...

Margaret, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Another blog to add to my favorites list!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Agreed. FB is a big let-down. :(

I am hoping to make the loooong trip down there to go swimming at Aunt Karen's today. I hope that cools us off!

Kim said...

Heat and humidity makes me crabby too. I just voted for you. Good luck

Patti said...

HI Lindsay, FB UGH.... We have been trying really hard to get 250 votes on FB for the Grant and we are thinking that our FB posts are not reaching all our is very frustrating. FB is trying to get us to spend $$$ so that ALL our followers will get our posts..NO THANK YOU..not going to happen....I am so HAPPY to be back to blogging..I didn't realize how much I missed it and how much I missed all the nice people in blogland. So I think I am back to stay.
Have fun swimming today.
Stay cool

Patti said...

SO you get cranky, too? :) This is terrible, hopefully it won't last too long.
Thanks again for your vote...we so appreciate it.
Have a wonderful day and an awesome weekend...try to stay cool.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Sigh....I've sent MN letters too, but never got a comment or response. I think she's awful busy. (But I really think she needs to get better organized and stop giving us all these extremes ) ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER NATURE??? (crickets chirping....)

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Let me know if your letter works - I'd like to request no humidity here as well!! :)

I guess it's always worth a shot!

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

I have grown to hate but alas, it is the most popular networking venue, and the fastest and easiest way to keep up with family online. Facebook could be so much better, I love Blogger!