Thursday, February 2, 2012

~~To market, to market to buy a bunch of prims~~

So who here is going to Valley Forge this weekend for the Market Square Show? I will be there with my friends Teresa and Ree. And if you are planning on coming to the Show are you also planning a trip to Lancaster? Well, if you do you have to check out the Lancaster Area Wholesalers Map...LOTS of wonderful goodies at lots of wonderful places.
I hope I will run into a lot of you at Market Square.  Safe travels.

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Jan said...

Patti, Have a great time at market!I LOVE the Lancaster area-always wanted to do a show in the area but have a show conflict with Lititz and closest I have done would be Shippensburg (don't do any 1 day shows anymore )Hope the weather stays good for you!!
blessings and have a safe trip!
Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill