Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~~Happy Leap Year~~

Happy Leap Year! I love February 29th..Yes I do! It means I can say good bye to Winter and it also means I finally get a Birthday! Yep I am a LEAP YEAR BABY..I am a  now a teenager..FINALLY! In my 52 years of life, I have celebrated only 13 Birthdays. The saying "Forever Young" may just apply to me... however, could someone tell that to my old 52 year OLD knees!
It seems so normal for me to be a Leap Year Baby but others are always intrigued. A lot of people will say to me.." I never met anyone born on Leap Year", They also ask when do I celebrate during a non~Leap Year...I celebrate on Feb 28th...Tim always tells me this is wrong and that I should celebrate on March 1. I am a 'Strict Februarian.'.....I celebrate on Feb 28th since it is within my Birthday month. Now sometimes I do make it a two day event and celebrate on March 1st too..hey why not..if I am missing out on a Birthday for 4 years I can decide which day/days I will celebrate. Tim is not too happy with a two day means he has to be nice to me for two days..Oh well!
I am not the only family member that has this special great nephew was born on Feb 29th..four years he is celebrating his 1st Birthday.
 All this talk about Birthdays has me craving Cupcakes! Cupcakes..did someone say cupcake? Well, check out what I am creating for our Shop.....Faux Cupcakes! What do you think? Do they look real to you?

Now you never have to say you don't know anyone that was born on Leap can tell them you know me! Have a great day everyone and take some time to eat some cupcakes!~~


Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Happy birthday to you! I would think to celebrate on Feb 28 as well, you were born in Feb not March! :D

Those cupcakes look yummy...

Prim blessings,

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Patti, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Happy birthday to your great nephew also.Hope hubby treats you like a queen today!:) Your cupcakes look so real--and yummy. What are they made of? Enjoy some real ones too!! birthday hugs, Jan

Deb @ Crows on the Cupola said...

Happy Birthday Patti! Those cupcakes look very real to me I want to put my finger in that frosting.. LOL!

I hope I can post this cause those words are not very legible.. I will try to prove I AM NOT A ROBOT.. LOL!

Alexandria said...

Happy Birthday, Patti and to your great nephew as well! Congrats on finally being a "teen"!!!

Angie Berry said...

What?! Those are not real cupcakes?! Here I was thinking how sweet of Tim to make you cupcakes for your birthday, lol. Wow Patti, those are awesome!!

Happy Leap Year Birthday to you my friend! I personally think that since you have to wait every 4 years to celebrate, that you should get the whole month of February to celebrate! =] I have a friend that celebrates on the 28th also.