Thursday, August 4, 2011

So, What's a Good Day at the Brickhouse?

Hey Folks, it's Tim. I know - it's been a long time since my last posting on this blog. But now I have something worth discussing. Patti and I have been asked this question by more than a few people over the past several years - especially lately with the tough economic times we're all going through. Fellow crafters, shop owners and just curious folks ask us: 'So, what's a Good Day at the Brickhouse?' Well, we've been debating whether we really wanted to share this with everyone and we've finally decided that the time is right and you deserve to know. So here goes, we're opening our books and letting you see just what a Good Day is here at the Brickhouse.  

A Good Day at the Brickhouse is...

...When a customer visits us - again! We hope this means that they enjoyed their last experience here - but if they have a question or concern with a past visit or purchase, we're just as glad that they cared enough to come back and let us know so we can make it right.

...When a new customer visits us! There are a few ways this happens, but many times it's because another customer told them how much they liked their visit with us. So many times we hear, 'my friend told me about you', or 'my sister said I would love this place', or 'my wife said just stop there and buy anything - I like it all!' This makes us feel like we are still doing a good job, that people like us and they are telling their friends.  

(On the back of our Sales Receipts that our customers receive with their purchase is an old cliche' that I remember from working in my familys' General Store: 'If we please you, tell your friends. If we don't, tell us.' That saying has been around forever but it's simple and we like it and it reminds us how our best advertising gets done.)

...When a customer shares a  laugh - or some tears - with us. Many of our customers feel very comfortable when they visit us and they share many funny stories and good news. They have also shared sad news with us and we let them know that they are not alone during these times. In either case, we often share a handshake, a pat on the back, a hug or a kind word when it is needed.

...When customers that don't know each other start chatting and laughing like they are old friends. You'd be suprised how many times this happens!

...When customers bring 'future shoppers' to the Brickhouse. We've had customers bring their babies along for a visit. We've had customers bring their young children along for a visit. We keep a candy dish on the checkout counter for the young customers - OK - the candy is really for anybody!       

...When one of our crafters stops by and customers get to meet them! Here at the Brickhouse, we are all about connections. Connecting the crafters and their crafts with our customers - and when they actually get to meet that is even better! 
Looking back, Patti and I can't believe how many Good Days we've had here in the few years we've been open. So maybe some of you are disappointed but we really don't measure a 'Good Day' by the number of dollars made - instead we measure a 'Good Day' by the number of new customers and friends we make.

So, now you know what a 'Good Day' is at the Brickhouse.


Shari said...

Love this post!

Lynn said...

oh, I so wish I lived in your area so I could visit your store. I love the way you run your store. That the customers matter. Thank you so much for your kindness to your customers. I know that it would mean the world to me to be treated that way in a favorite place to shop.
Have a great day!

acorn hollow said...

I would say that that says alot about you and how the store is run. Here is to many good days.

Primitive Memories said...

Hi there! What a great post! You and Patti run a business the way a business should be run,in my opinion! You have old fashion values and stick to them! Sounds like you have some fantastic customers as well.
Thanks for sharing your good days with us.

Enjoy your day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

And that is truly the way "a good day" should be measured....Very well said....Here's wishing you and Patti many more "good days!" Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jenny said...

That makes me feel good! That's sort of the way it is at my shop,,you know that you're doing good when people come back and bring people with them,,and that is a good day at the shop!!