Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~~Some New~Old Finds~~

While helping Tim's mom move and get ready for her Public Sale, I decided go into the barn and see what 'treasures' there might have been in there..well, let me tell you I saw a lot of things that I would love to have but after spending the whole summer helping my mother in law sort through 50plus years of 'treasures',..I have been coming home and sorting through my 'treasures'..so not only is she downsizing, so am I! BUT how could I resist these treasures...all of these items came from Tim's grand father and great grandfather's old family store, Masser's store in Hegins.
An old wooden Jell-O box, a little metal scoop, two wire letter baskets and old store price tags.

I love these baskets!

How cool are these old store price tags?

an old barrel, minus the lid

the barrel held coffee..Gerhart's coffee from Lancaster, Pa

I am using one of the wire baskets on our coffee table

It is holding old family pictures, old letters and old cards.


acorn hollow said...

great treasures. I too have been trying to weed out where I can I know if my daughter showed up she would weed 1/2 of it.

Dawn said...

How fun would that be to find those goodies!

Nancy said...

I was born and raised in Hegins and lived just a few doors down from Masser's store. Usually, Paul and/or Mark Masser would be there and they were always so nice to me. Looking at the treasures you found brought back many fond memories of going to Masser's store with my mom. Thank you for sharing.