Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Room Redo on a Budget

Yesterday I decided I had enough of our ugly, blah and very boring living room so I went SHOPPING. Now don't hate me when I tell you that I didn't spend a dime on my 'new purchases'. I went shopping at the Leitzel Store...yep I shopped at home! Now there are a few things that I recently purchased at a yard sale, but everything else I found here at home.

2 throws that were each $3

2 brass hearts for $3

I paid $7 for this pitcher

lamp that I paid $7

knick knacks and doo dads found around the house

I wanted a little touch of "whimsy" so I had this old shutter and added some old family pictures

Moved a little table from the hallway and placed it behind the sofa. I used a little bench to raise up the lamp and pitcher.

An old ladder and a crock filled with sticks from our yard

Decorated a corner of the living room with an old shutter and placed an old family picture onto the shutter

Stacks of old suitcases.

We had an UGLY coffee table, so I decided to use two end tables as a coffee table..I like this so much better.

My bit of whimsy..old shutter with pictures


Our living room...still looking for an area rug and curtains

An old copper canner holding old quilts

My magazine box

I like using old books to decorate

This shows the sofa table and how I used a little bench to raise up the lamp and the pitcher

Our new coffee table made with two end tables

Old dry sink now used as an end table. I placed an old cutting board on the one end of the top of the dry sink

Old dry sink used as an end table

Top of the "other" coffee table

another picture of the picture shutter

  I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our living room. Now onto "shopping" for more things for other rooms in our home...


Pat said...

It's always nice to freshen up an area. I love your use of the two tables for a coffee table.

Bittersweetfolkart said...

I think it looks wonderful !

Raymond Homestead said...

Looks great! I like old books too and I would love to have a dry sink!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Patti--I love the idea of using the 2 end tables as a coffee table--looks really pretty! The photo shutter is a great idea too. Funny how you can use things you have always had around and make a room look brand new!! :) --Jan

Your Mother said...

WOW, Patti, your room looks GREAT!!!!! Can't wait to spend sometime sitting there.

Primitive Memories said...

Hi Patti! Simply LOVE the new living room arrangement. It looks so inviting. If you have some free time (haha) feel free to bring your decorating talent over to my house!!
Have a wonderful day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

It all looks so pretty! Love love the shutter!!

Thank you so much for your sweet words earlier. I think you're the first one to see it....Eeeeek! Crazy:)