Saturday, January 14, 2012

~~New Year, New Journey~~

Shhh..don't tell my customers BUT I want to stay locked in my craft room today, well AFTER I go to the craft store to buy lots of new craft supplies.  Last evening, Tim brought home 2 great magazines for me ( I have him well trained!)  SOMERSET LIFE and WHERE WOMEN CREATE. Let me tell you I am SO INSPIRED! First I want/need to totally redo my craft room and turn it into a my "studio", studio sounds so much more professional... I keep thinking that one of these years I will grow up and be professional. :)  So maybe this will be my year to get more professional :)  And I got an idea from a friend, she just redid her studio and she used chalkboard paint on her one wall...I saw that and I am going to DO THAT! I just haven't told Tim yet! But what an awesome idea, I can write some of my orders on the wall and then I am not looking around for my misplaced order book. Plus it looked so cool....thanks to Justina for the inspiration!  And I also got  a lot of very cool ideas for my new "studio" in WHERE WOMEN CREATE!
Now for my new journey....I follow a lot of blogs and not all of them are PRIM blogs..shocking I know!   So while reading some of my favorite ones, I learned about an E-course  on creativity and finding your gift. I signed up and my friend, Teryn is joining me on this new adventure! I am so excited about this new journey and I didn't want to take the journey alone...SO  I am happy to have Teryn  take this e-course with me much better to do this with a friend! We start the journey together next week and we are both so excited!
Stay tuned...I hope to share more of this new journey with all of you and I may even share photos of my new STUDIO! ~


Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

What a coincidence! 3 girls all from around the same area taking the ecourse! That is awesome! See ya there!
PS....I want to be a professional too! ;)

Patti said...

I know..what a COINCIDENCE! After I did my blog post I saw your blog and couldn't believe we are doing the same course!
I am sure it may take more than having a craft room converted into a STUDIO for me to become a professional..but it is a start, right? :)

Jan said...

It will be interesting to hear all about this creativity class. Just heard about it last night on some blogs--what a great idea! There is something about the new year that just inspires us to make changes to our lives--thats a good thing!!
Have a creative day Patti!!
blessings Jan- Life on Buttermilk Hill

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Oooh, I love those magazines too! The latest one I've read was Studios from Cloth Paper Scissors. They are a special treat for me as they are not cheap!

Patti said...

Jan, HI! I love the idea of starting fresh in the New Year...and how we all get so inspired to make changes.
I hope you have a CREATIVE and BEAUTIFUL day!

Patti said...

Michelle, It was my first time to get these magazines. I had no idea about the price until Tim came home and told me. My Birthday is this month so I think the magazines may end up being my present :) It was a TREAT!

Deanna Wiseman said...

Patti, I love reading your blog and your idea to get together and create. It's the way it used to be years ago. Passing down family traditions. The title of my next painting is about one of our family traditions "The Crochet Lesson".

The Wooden Acorn said...

You will adore your chalkboard wall. My daughter painted one wall in her apartment (the bedroom wall)with chalkboard paint and being the artist that she is, she drew in a headboard (since her mattress butts up to that wall), a night stand with a lamp, and an ornate frame to going around the wall mirror that she has hanging on that wall.

Ohhh, the possibilities for your sewing area! Thanks for sharing and I hope you post a picture of your new look studio and chalkboard wall one day.


Angie Berry said...

Where Women Create is such an awesome magazine, I can get lost in those pages for hours! I totally LOVE the idea of a chalkboard wall, way too cool!! I'm loving all these great blog posts about transforming craft rooms/studios. I'm in the process of it too only I just have an area, not a whole room. Unless I kick one of my kids outta the house, I'm stuck with just an area but that's okay because they will be gone on their own soon enough!

The e-course sounds really neat. You'll have to tell us more about it for sure.