Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How we spent our weekend.

 This past weekend we packed up some goodies from the Brickhouse and headed out to a Craft Show at  ARMSTRONG VALLEY WINERY.

The Barn/Tasting Room at Armstrong Valley Winery.

A nice place to sit and relax with a glass of wine.

Some visitors to the winery relaxing in the shade.

Our "neighbors" Kirsten and Deb selling their wares.

 I wonder what they are discussing?

Here's your sign!
Artisans Row!

Tim and I loved this customer..he had us laughing so hard!
Still talking about the candles! :)

What a fun way to spend a weekend. We are looking forward to the next time!

Looks serious!


Kirstin said...

It was a grand time wasn't it. I actually would like to do it again, great winery and great "neighbors"!

Patti said...

It sure was! AVW is the perfect place to do a Craft Show...it is so beautiful!


Raymond Homestead said...

What great fun!!

TeresaM said...

So you did have a show!!! Looks like a fun day Patti! Sounds like you are hooked on doing the shows!!!

Beryl said...

Everything looks great Patti, glad you and Tim had a good time, wish I could have been there.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a beautiful day; looks like a fine time was had by all.

bspinner said...

I suppose you did have a good tiime after all it was a winery you were set up at. Ha ha.

Looks like a fun day.