Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sun is rising on a New Year.

The sun is rising on a New Year here at the Brickhouse. 2010 was an awesome year and we look forward to seeing what wonderful surprises 2011 holds for us and for our customers.

We need to apologize for not being good bloggers. It has been a busy time here at The Brickhouse. We are working on filling the Shop up with a lot more Handmades. After the whirlwind Christmas time in the Shop, our Shop is looking a bit bare. But no worries, our crafters and Tim and I are working on creating more goodies. Our PA SOY candles will be restocked next week. Tim and I will be taking a road trip to Lebanon to pick up our candle order and I will also be picking up more wax for the Brickhouse Tarts! I will be busy next week making more tarts. Our tarts have become very popular with our customers and that makes me smile because I am having so much fun making them and also coming with with our own custom blends! And now I am trying my hand at making other needfuls for our Shop besides the tarts. Yesterday, I felt like I needed a bit of Spring in the Shop so I made this pot of flowers....this one is already sold....so I will be making more today!

I am also trying my hand at a new craft so you will have to stay tuned to find out what it is!

Tim and I want to thank everyone that follows us on our blog and we promise to be better bloggers. You can follow us on our Facebook page, too.

Please stop by again and do some porch sitting with us.

Tim and Patti


SANDI said...

I don't live in your area. Do you sell your tarts online?

bettyj said...

I love the picture with the sun peeking through.
betty, through my back door

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Your header shows you have a lovely home. I look forward to reading more of your blog and finding out what your new craft is! ~Cheryl

Angie Berry said...

Your home is gorgeous anyway, but especially so in the snow! The sun peeking through the porch is a beautiful picture.

Don't apologize for being busy, that is awesome! I love tarts too, I have 7 warmers in my home, lol. Maybe one of these days I can come and buy some from your store. =] I'm sure they smell delicious.

The prim blue flowers and flowerpot is so cute. Congratulations on the quick sale!

Hmm... curious as to what the new craft will be. Looking forward to seeing it.

I enjoyed my time porch sitting with you and will be back again. Have a blessed week~

Teri said...

Patti I love the potted flowers! They are adorable!