Sunday, November 28, 2010

At Long Last - Greetings from the Brickhouse!

Hello Folks, this is Tim. Patti and I are extremely proud to introduce our newest Artist - yes - an Artist. Allow me to explain:

Soon after we opened almost three years ago, our customers began asking us if we had any Greeting Cards. We didn't, but we both agreed that being able to offer hand made greeting cards would be a great addition and complement to our craft items. Patti began searching for crafters who made Greeting Cards. This was a long search and until recently we weren't able to find the right crafter. Several months ago, we had a visitor at the Brickhouse. It turns out that this visitor is someone that Patti and I knew from our High School days. It also turns out that this visitor is a very accomplished artist. A few days later Patti and I were tossing around ideas for new ventures we wanted to try and we kept thinking about those Greeting Cards. We were familiar with some of this artists work and thought it would be a good fit for the Greeting Cards we had in mind. So we approached her about the idea - it turned out that she had been approached before about creating cards with some of her work. Her and her husband have a successful business located in Herndon, Pennsylvania and at the time they were hesitant to take on a Greeting Card venture for a number of reasons. We understood and thought at that point we were going to restart our search. But then, several weeks ago, the artist contacted us and said that she and her husband had worked out some of the details that would allow them to move forward with creating Greeting Cards. We were sent two designs to get started for the Holiday season.

For any of our customers that live - or have lived in our part of Central Pennsylvania, see if you can guess where the subject of these drawings are:

The first one is of a farm located in Klingerstown and the second one is a stone bridge located in Erdman. Now, if you guessed either of these, do you recognize the artist?

This is the work of Deanna Wiseman, who along with her husband Jeff, own Wiseman Graphics. These designs are from a series of Limited Edition Prints that you can see by clicking here WISEMAN . They have been adapted for use and are now available for purchase at the Brickhouse in the form of Greeting Cards. The cards measure 5 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches, include Deanna's signature on the back with a brief description of the design subject. The cards are blank on the inside so that you can write your own message to go along with a unique hand made gift or simply to send someone a special greeting.

We may be featuring more of Deanna's story in an upcoming post, but for now you can learn more about Deanna, Jeff and their business by visiting their website. They are two special people who have great talents and happen to be located in our area. They, along with their Greeting Cards, are a wonderful addition to all the other Brickhouse craft items and Patti and I are excited to be working with both Deanna and Jeff on this new venture. For any of you who have the opportunity, we invite you to visit the Brickhouse to have a look at our new Greeting Cards!


Andy said...

beautiful greeting cards! Great to see a blog post from you!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a great addition to the shop! Congrats on getting such a wonderful artist to do your cards. Have a fun week, Dawn

Mindy said...

Very pretty cards!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Those are AMAZING!! What a gift she has. I wanted to thank you for the sweet words on my blog this morning. It really blessed my heart. Hope you have a great day.

Angie Berry said...

WOW!! I thought they were photographs at first! Those drawings are spectacular! She is extremely talented! You are fortunate to get her works to add to your shop. The cards would be beautiful in a frame.

Maureen said...

What beautiful scenes!