Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enough Already.......

Enough of Summer, bring on Autumn! Right after Christmas I am always anxious for summer to arrive but right now I am SO ready for Fall to arrive. It is my favorite Season and I cann0t wait for the first day of Fall. A big box of the Fall Season arrived today at The Brickhouse and it has made me so excited for Summer to be over so I can put these new items in the Shop. Peggy is a new Crafter/friend here at The Brickhouse. We were told by our friends/Crafters, April and Tony that we had to check out Peggy's wares. Well, April and Tony have never let us down and we are blown away by Peggy's talent. I am sure you all may have heard me let out a shout of joy when I opened the box that was delivered today from Miss Peggy! I so want to put these Fall goodies in the Shop for our customers to see them...but it is a little too early for that. So we will have to wait, but I can tease our customers by showing the pictures of these wonderful goodies. My pictures do not do these justice, you have to stop by the Brickhouse and see them in person.

We finally got some much needed rain here in Millersburg. I think I can see my flowers smiling. For one thing, they are standing up straighter, no more drooping from the heat and drought. Along with rain we have had some "cooler" days. Not sweater weather cooler, but at least it hasn't been 100 degrees. A local Amish family decided to take their "convertible' out for a trip to the local store. I had to take a picture of them from my window as they were driving by our home. Howie also had to go to the door and bark a greeting to them as they passed!

With the cooler temps I was able to paint and stain signs for the Shop. My side-kick, Howie was supervising me!

Please stop by again and do a little porch sitting with us here at The Brickhouse.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I'm with ya on that one! Although one of the best parts of Autumn is the anticipation, I think :) ♥
(Adorable decor, by the way!)

Pieces of Dreams said...

I'm looking forward to it also. It is my most favorite season, especially on Cape Cod...So crisp and beautiful. Love your stuff!

By the way, somedays at my shop, I could use the sign about the freakin' people person!

Have a nice one! Karen

Diane said...

Hello fellow PA resident! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for signing on as a follower! I love primitives and all kinds of things...I have very eclectic taste. I'll be back to visit again and to visit with your favorites too because I see a lot of very creative, inspiring links.
Diane - cute dogs you have!

Kate said...

The photos definetly do not do those beautiful fall items you just got in justice! They are absolutely GORGEOUS in person!!!! And I can't wait to see them displayed for the Fall season!

Patti, I throughly enjoyed just sitting and chatting on the porch today with you and Howie and Danny- Boy seemed to be enjoying themselves playing together as well!

See you again after Labor Day!

Take care!

Robin said...

Oh I LOVE fall too and although I'm enjoying a non scheduled summer with my kids I'm secretly really excited for Fall! All that fun decorating and I have to watch "You've Got Mail" too! It has such pretty fall scenes in it!

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! I'm having an upcoming followers giveaway, as soon as I reach 200.

I love autumn decorating too. Your signs are awesome. Tuesday we are headed to a great small town, St. Jacobs. Livestock auction, farmers markets, outlets and lots of local Mennonite. We love to see their wagons go by too.

Janet - Birdland Treasures said...

I also love Fall, but we had such a long, snow-covered winter here this past year that I am in no way ready to say good-bye to summer yet - 101 in the shade or NOT! LOL :) Love all the new Fall things - the signs look great!

Donna said...

What a Neat place to live...and I Love Howie!!Hahaa

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Yes, cooler temps, please! I love autumn...I don't want time to go too quickly, but I do love the crisp weather, pumpkin patches, and bonfires of fall. It's one season I wish would last much longer!

Angie Berry said...

Ooooh, what a wonderfully prim harvest! I love it! Miss Peggy is a great crafter!

I just love catching glimpses of the Amish. I have a section of my living room that is Amish. They intrigue me.

You have been one busy girl with all that sign making. Looking good!

Chambray Blue said...

I love this area! We visit Berlin every fall (Donna's Premier Lodging) for our anniversary. The quiet, layed-back atmosphere and the good down-to-earth people are just what is needed to get away from the hustle-bustle of life. Last year I was in craft heaven, in and out of shops buying fall treasures for my home. Oh, and did I mention the awesome places to eat there?! Delightful!! This is a great post, thanks much. be blessed, bobbi

Chambray Blue said...

Oh, I just noticed that this is Millersburg Pa. I was talking about Ohio. But this looks very similar!! hmmm.. anyways. love your post.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You are a girl after my own heart! I lOVE autumn! We are building the little house right now, and I am already dreaming of Fall decorations! We do not even have walls up yet! ( :
Goal is to be in by the end of October!
Great post~ great blog!