Sunday, June 20, 2010

Porch Tails

Yes, I did mean to write Porch Tails...not tales! The Brickhouse Craft Shop now has a greeter...please meet Howie, the Brickhouse Greeter.
On a side note, you may notice the hair loss on Howie's belly in this picture. Howie was very sick this past Winter and he lost his hair on his belly...but it is finally growing back and he is feeling better.
This past week Howie seems to be my shadow, wherever I go so goes Howie, and this includes out to the Shop to meet our customers. Yesterday, we had some new customers stop by the Shop. We met some new friends, Emie and Dan and their 4 year old little boy, Jack, when they stopped by the Shop on Saturday. Well, Jack and Howie hit it off right away. I did not have my camera with me but wow what a picture it would have been to share with you. I was talking with Em and I looked over and saw Jack sitting on the floor right next to Howie. Jack was talking to Howie and Howie just laid there listening. Em had her camera and she was able to take some pictures and she plans on sending me the pictures. It was so nice to meet this family and we look forward to Em, Dan and Jack coming back to visit us again. I know Howie is, too.

While I was in the Shop yesterday, my sister, Darla called to tell me that she would be stopping by and she had something for me! Darla works for a local Auctioneer and she is always on the look-out for things for me. Well, she surprised me yesterday with these oil lamps!

I love oil lamps and she remember that and decide to buy these for me. And she didn't break the bank to buy them either....she paid a total of $5 for these lamps! That is a $1 a piece! I was one happy girl. Thanks so much Darla!
After we closed the Shop yesterday, Tim and I did some porch sitting. Howie joined us on the porch. He was tired from his first full day as a greeter! I went into the house to get some wine for Tim and I to enjoy on the porch. When I walked out the kitchen door and headed towards the porch of the Shop, this is what I saw....

Howie decided the he was going to sit on the glider next to Tim..what a dog!

Notice the smile on Howie's face...he thinks because he is so handsome he can get away with things like this!

The butterflies and hummingbirds were entertaining us as we sat on the porch. It was not easy to get a good picture of the Hummingbirds....if you look close you can see the bird feasting on the Bee Balm.

Not sure what type of butterfly this is but the colors are so pretty.

Tim and I and Howie, too would love to have you join us on the porch for some porch sitting.

Howie may even let you sit on the glider next to him!


spoon river primitives said...

What a cute little porch greeter you have there!!!! He's just simply adorable!!!! hugs casey

Katie said...

Howie is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti ~ Such pretty photos that you have shared! I love your oil lamps. We have a few throughout our home and I love having them lit...such a pretty old fashioned atmosphere that they make. Howie is absolutely adorable! Sweet blessings to you! Teri

CountryCrocks said...

Patti - so glad to see Howie looking so happy and healthy - he is a handsome boy!!


Ginny said...

Howie is loking great!!. He was giving Tim some early Father's Day memories!!

TeresaM said...

WOW!!! Great deal on the lamps Patti!!!

Howie is so cute...........glad he recovered from his illness!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hey Patti~
So nice to have you stop and visit my blog! Sorry you missed out on the Giveaway, but I will have another one in the not too distant future!! Thank you for becoming a follower and I did the same! Enjoyed my visit and LOVE your porch!! What a great deal on your lamps and such a sweet sister too!!
Love your "porch greeter" and hope he continues to mend!

Rhonda said...

beautiful photos on your blog!
and Howie has stolen my heart, what a sweet big puppy

Angie Berry said...

Such a sweet, sweet story about Jack and Howie. Sounds like he is going to end up being a great greeter to your shop!

Those bee balms are so pretty! I can't believe you caught a hummingbird in action... just beautiful!

Your porch looks like a lovely place to sit. It is very welcoming!