Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Views From The Porch

We end the Tour of The Brickhouse with some views from the Porch. We have had so much rain the last couple of weeks but there was one day that was just I want to share that day with you....! This is what you will see when you drive up to our Shop.
Come on in.....wanna sit down and enjoy the views? Go ahead......and while you are enjoying the beautiful day take a look at all these wonderful goodies on the Porch.

My view from the kitchen. When our Shop is open I am usually in the kitchen and I can look out and see when our customers arrive.Looks like the sun is beginning to was nice having you visit us. Please come back again and remember you can PORCH SIT anytime you like...we love sharing our porch and our views with you.~~Patti~~


TeresaM said...

Lots of goodies on that porch!!! Looks great Patti!

Cass @ That Old House said...

So beautiful! I would love to come and sit on your porch, and check out all the lovely things I can glimpse in the pictures. What a charming setting you have created.

mornings322 said...

Great pics. Love them all.

Have a great week.


Jen said...

Great pictures, I can almost smell the fall scents, and some very tempting things on your porch....ahhhh.....its all so relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

Oh Pattie, what beautiful views you see from your front porch. I just adore what you have done.
I have to show my hubby what a beautiful area you have made for your little shop. Those mums are glorious...I love the little vignettes you made on the front porch of your shop...You and Tim inspire Randy and I so much..I DO hope one day we can come and visit you. I would love to sit on that porch with a cup of coffee and just take in the view..AND make some purchases too of course,lol. I would never be able to resist that,,,