Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Empty Shelves = Empty Stomachs

Today Tim and I volunteered at our local Food Bank. When we arrived we were told my the Administrator that they have been getting so many more people applying for food. And she told us how the shelves are so empty. Tim and I walked into the Food Bank and saw all the empty shelves. So many people are dealing with hard times these days, so we would like to make an appeal to all of you...the next time you are food shopping please put one or two extra food items in your shopping cart and make a donation to your local Food Bank or Pantry. I know that it is tough to make ends meet but adding only one or two more items onto your list may not hurt you..BUT it will help someone..Please help someone in need. And if you can't donate food maybe you can donate some of your time. I must tell you that when I am in the Food Bank volunteering it is a very rewarding experience. SO please give of your time and/or money. The Brickhouse Craft Shop will have a donation bin on the if you are in our area and want to stop by and leave a donation it would be very much appreciated. The bin will be on the porch so you can stop by anytime and donate an item or two. Your donations will go to help fill the shelves at the Food Bank at THE UPPER DAUPHIN HUMAN SERVICES CENTER in Elizabethville. Please give what you can....thank you so much.



bspinner said...

I didn't realize the local food banks were in that much trouble. I'll try to get to the store this week and pick up some things.


janet said...

I'll have Greg drop a few things off. Very sad indeed.

Nanna said...

Hi Patti, Thanks for visiting my new blog , I know the work involved LOl I've been bloging for 2 years, my other blog is Nannas Place @ I opened the other one mainly for my prims & such I will be in prayer for your local food bank